Landslide observatories

The team at the Aldbrough Coastal Landslide Observatory

We have long-term monitoring observatories where data have been collected, in some instances, since 2001.

We use a range of techniques to measure the changes at these sites including LiDAR, photogrammetry, geophysics and geotechnics.

From our monitoring and observation data we can inform our understanding of the landslide processes that will ultimately allow us to assess susceptiblity and risk, as well as providing a baseline against which to determine change and calculate loss.

Our current research

Aldbrough CoastAldbrough Coastal Landslide Observatory

This is our first, fully instrumented, coastal landslide observatory where we monitor the ground conditions and other factors that control the landslide using an array of techniques. The Holderness coast is one of the fastest-retreating coastlines in Europe.

Hollin HillHollin Hill Landslide Observatory

The slope at our inland landslide observatory consists of landslide-prone geology that makes it an ideal site to study. The landslide is sereval hundred metres wide and extends 200 m downslope. We have used a range of techniques to monitor the movement including terrestrial and aerial LiDAR and geophysics.


The cliffs at Happisburgh on the north Norfolk coast have undergone dramatic coastal erosion over the last few decades. We monitored this change in detail in the early 2000s and have included links to several publications here.

Terrestrial LiDAR Survey TechniquesGround-based geomatic surveys

Terrestrial Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is a land-based laser scanner that, combined with a highly accurate differential GPS, enables us to produce 3D computer models of landslides. We have carried out repeated surveys for different applications at various locations globally.

Future landslide observatories

We have selected some future sites to extend our research. These pages will be updated when that information becomes available.


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