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A brown and white calf in a field
Research highlight

Scientists analyse lime resources in the UK


A study by BGS scientists could help to improve soil magnesium concentrations and pH in grassland areas of England and Wales, with benefits for UK agriculture and farming.

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Young boy drinking water from tap, Tanzania. Photo by Chaucharanje, Pexels
BGS news

New method offers rapid monitoring of contamination in drinking water


Scientists have developed an innovative new method to monitor the risk of contamination in drinking water with immediate results, enabling global communities to respond rapidly and help reduce exposure to deadly diarrhoeal diseases.

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Tall wind turbines are silhouetted against an orange sky, with the sun setting on the horizon
BGS events

Chasing carbon

Event on 05/10/2021

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BGS blogs

Phosphorus in caves: a new methodological development being pioneered at Poole’s Cavern with the help of BGS


Alistair Morgan is exploring how phosphorous enters cave systems and if stalagmites could be used to unravel past temperatures.

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