Groundwater resources

BGS Groundwater research

Groundwater provides invaluable fresh water for public and private supply, agriculture, industry and recreation across the UK and globally. Groundwater resources, although in most cases renewable, are finite. We carry out research into all aspects of groundwater flow, recharge and discharge processes to improve our understanding of this precious resource.

Artesian groundwater Arran
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Artesian groundwater well in Arran, Scotland. © BGS/UKRI.

The outputs from our regional studies, such as publications, maps and datasets, make reliable information on the hydrogeology of the UK and beyond accessible to those who need it, including academics, regulators, industry and the public.

We work with partners to produce the Hydrological Outlook, a monthly forecast of groundwater levels across most of the principal aquifers in the UK for one and three months ahead.

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One-month groundwater-level forecast maps produced for Hydrological Outlook UK. © BGS and CEH.

Our groundwater studies are supported by numerical modelling and all of our work is underpinned by our substantial geological and groundwater data and information holdings.

Key publications

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Groundwater levels in the Chalk of the Wessex Basin. From Allen and Crane, 2019. © BGS/UKRI. Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown Copyright and database rights 2016.

Allen, D J, and Crane, E J (editors). 2019. The Chalk aquifer of the Wessex Basin. British Geological Survey Research Report RR/11/002. (Nottingham, UK: British Geological Survey.)

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