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We collect the undisturbed field samples required for measurement of in situ geotechnical and geophysical properties. Undisturbed sampling offers the potential for geological characterisation to include the property attribution critical for understanding engineering performance and ground behaviour. Our capability covers undisturbed sample collection from trial pits and a shallow DANDO drilling facility.

Undisturbed sample collection

Our bespoke sampling ensures suitable capture of formation heterogeneity including interval moisture – density sampling down exposed elevations, 100 mm and 300 mm kubiena tins and pit floor sampling for geotechnical strength testing.

undisturbed samples from pit
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Collection of undisturbed samples from pit for experimental water pipe leaks. BGS © UKRI.

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The geotechnical properties from tests on samples collected from the pit shown in Figure 1 contributed to a field experiment that used shear wave velocity imaging (Figure 2) to assess the changes in the ground stiffness due to infiltration of water leaking from a buried utility pipe. This was part of a project funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Programme called ‘Assessing the Underworld’  to develop non-invasive techniques for ground and asset condition imaging. For more information, download this case study by Dashwood et al. (2019) from our Publications page.

cross-section of pit
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Figure 2. Cross-section of pit with leak position indicated by green circle. Note up to 50 per cent change in the shear wave velocity in the ground covering a volume of a few cubic metres where the leak waters have infiltrated. BGS © UKRI 

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1. UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Programme

Grant reference number: EP/K021699/1


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