David Gunn

Dr David Gunn

BGS Land Use and Development team leader
BGS Keyworth

David Gunn’s biography

  •  2010 – ongoing: Team Leader of Geotechnical properties and processes
  •  2007: Past winner of best paper using Geophysical and NDT techniques:
    • 9th Int. Conf. Railway Engineering 2007
    • 8th Int. Conf. Railway Engineering 2005
  •  2006 – 2007: Engineering geophysicist
  •  2005: 8th Int. Conf. Railway Engineering 2005
  •  1991: Ph.D. Instrumentation to measure compressional and shear wave velocity and attenuation in rocks under near in situ stress, University of Manchester, 1991
  •  1987: M.Sc. Instrument Design and Application, University of Manchester, 1987
  •  1983: B.Sc. (Hons.) Geological Geophysics, University of Reading, 1983

Research interests

  • Geohazard monitoring
  • Geophysical-Geotechnical property relationships
  • Transportation geotechnics


Current projects and collaboration

  •  2010 – ongoing : Geophysical Monitoring Techniques. Development of surface wave methods for stiffness monitoring; application to assess embankment condition. Application of time-lapse, differential resistivity imaging to monitor moisture movement through engineered earthworks and in relation to geohazards on natural slopes.
  •  2009 – ongoing : FUTURENET. Assessing the climate impact upon future transportation networks.
  •  2005 –2010 : BIAS. Consultant on and manager of laboratory instrumentation and experimental programme for the application of Biologically Inspired Acoustic Systems for improved characterisation of geological materials using novel CHIRPS techniques to improve resolution-energy efficiency.
  •  2003 – ongoing : Railway Geophysics and Geotechnics. BGS representative to the railway industry. Develop procedures and methods for the strategic incorporation of geological products in railway planning and maintenance.


  • Geology
  • Geophysics
  • Instrumentation

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