This GIS is intended to enable users to identify major sources and sinks for CO2 capture and storage in the UK and its continental shelf. At present it includes the following data:

  • Industrial sources of CO2 in the UK. This data was kindly provided by the Environment Agency (England and Wales), the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (Scotland) and the Northern Ireland Department of the Environment (Northern Ireland).
  • Oil and gas fields, pipelines, quadrants and blocks on the UK Continental Shelf. The oil and gas fields are considered to be prime targets for CO2 storage.
  • Miscellaneous geological datasets. At present this is mainly BGS data and is their copyright.

Copyright of this GIS

In order to use this GIS you must read and accept the following copyright conditions.

This GIS is the copyright of the British Geological Survey. All rights are reserved. Neither it nor any part of the data underlying it may be reproduced in any form, written or electronic, without prior permission. Enquiries should be directed in the first instance to Intellectual Property Rights Manager, British Geological Survey, Keyworth Nottingham, UK.

Some of the data incorporated into this GIS is owned by other organisations and has been reproduced with their kind permission.

  • England and Wales CO2 sources and emissions data ©Environment Agency
  • Scotland CO2 sources and emissions data ©SEPA
  • Northern Ireland CO2 sources and emissions data © DoE
  • UK Oil and Gas Fields and Infrastructure data © DTI
  • UK Aquifers data © British Geological Survey (NERC)