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A number of our datasets are now available for you to download onto your system for your own use. This will enable you to work offline to develop your own systems and methodologies using BGS data. The datasets available to download include many of BGS's baseline products including geological, hydrogeological, geophysical and chemical data. Many of these datasets are also being made available for download as INSPIRE pre-defined download services (atom feeds).

Terms of use

The datasets listed here are all delivered under the Open Government Licence, subject to the following acknowledgement accompanying the reproduced BGS materials: "Contains British Geological Survey materials © NERC [year]".

UK3DNational Bedrock Fence Diagram

The UK3D geological model uses digital cross-sections of the geology across Great Britain and joins them up in a 'fence diagram'.

DiGMap 625 bedrock625k UK geology data

Digital geological map data for the UK at 1:625 000, including bedrock and superficial layers, plus faults and other linear features. The data is delivered in ESRI and MapInfo GIS format.

Search icon625k UK geology & earthquakes KML

Digital geological map data for the UK at 1:625 000 and other datasets delivered in KML allowing for visualisation in Google Earth and Google Maps.

Groundwater well625k hydrogeological data

Hydrogeological data at 1:625 000 indicating aquifer potential in generalised terms. The data is delivered in ESRI and MapInfo GIS format.

Soil parent material modelSoil parent material model

Weathered rock or deposit from, and within which a soil has formed. GB coverage 1km resolution and sample 1:50 000 scale versions available to download.

Indicative Atlas of RadonIndicative Atlas of Radon

A simplified map of radon potential, created jointly by the Public Health England and the BGS.

Geochemical atlas map extractAdvanced soil geochemical atlas

5700 surface soil samples, collected across England and Wales, analysed for 52 major and trace elements. Downloadable as interpolated concentrations.

Laboratory scientistChemical data - sample locations

Data showing the location of environmental data samples for Great Britain, including the GBASE project. Delivered in KML allowing for visualisation in Google Earth and Google Maps.

SW England soil and sedimentSouth-west England soil and sediment geochemical maps

A systematic, high-density geochemical baseline survey of the south-west of England through the collection and analysis of soils and stream sediments.

Grav and mag iconGravity and magnetic survey data

Datasets containing measurements of the Earth's gravitational and magnetic fields for Great Britain. The data is available in csv format.

TellusSW logoTellusSW airborne geophysical data

Airborne geophysical data for the counties of Cornwall and parts of Devon and Somerset. High resolution magnetic/magnetic gradient survey combined with a multichannel (256 channel) radiometric survey.

HiRes1 airborne data imagesHiRes1 Airborne Magnetic, Radiometric, VLF Survey.

High Resolution, Airborne Magnetic, Radiometric, VLF Survey over North Midlands of England into Welsh Borderland.

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