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He was part of the team credited with putting carbon capture and storage (CCS) on the government’s policy map. But with the UK’s CCS plans stalling, Prof Michael Stephenson tells Evelyn Adams we need to take stock of our options for tackling climate change.

16 January 2017

Can't seem to stop picking up pebbles? You're not alone – although it can sometimes feel that way. Here are a few situations that all pebble collectors will be able to identify with. Geologist Clive Mitchell from the British Geological Survey recommends tools for your next rock-finding mission.

11 January 2017

Research in the Scottish Borders has produced some amazing finds - and suggests that our view of the fossil record needs a rethink. The TW:eed project (Tetrapod World: early evolution and diversification)includes researchers from the National Museum of Scotland, Universities of Leicester, Cambridge and Southampton, and the British Geological Survey. TW:eed have now successfully bored and logged two cores through hundreds of metres of solid Tournaisian rock.

11 January 2017

Most barely noticed the tremor that struck on Tuesday evening, despite it being one of the biggest to hit the UK in almost a decade. The British Geological Survey (BGS) said the tremor was “barely perceptible” because it took place 11 miles beneath the North Sea, and about 90 miles away from Scarborough.

4 January 2017

In a new study led by the University of Sussex, geoscientists from the British Geological Survey and the Technical University of Munich reveal that using a micro-seismic technique, which detects tiny earthquakes which cause cracks in the rock, alongside modern electrical imaging technology, which measures rock mass, would provide scientists with much earlier warnings of potential rock falls.

19 December 2016

Scientists from a range of disciplines will come together this January to undertake the first ever coordinated sampling of the major rivers in Great Britain to look for soil derived organic carbon. NERC has commissioned the major new program, LOCATE (Land Ocean Carbon Transfer) which involves the BGS.

16 December 2016

Experts now believe the government should consider adding tsunamis to the National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies. Professor David Tappin of the British Geological Survey said knowing more about how disasters happen is crucial to national security.He said: “If you plan for such events before you start building, you can protect against them.”

5 December 2016

The British Geological Survey has just launched the Africa Groundwater Atlas at a major water conference in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. Funded by DFID/NERC/ESRC’s UPGro research program, the Atlas is a gateway to groundwater informati

5 December 2016

Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) has launched a new information film (on YouTube), providing an insight in to its work to find a permanent, safe solution to managing the UK’s most radioactive waste. This includes ongoing work with the British Geological Survey to bring together what is known about the geology of the UK and to understand how this will impact on the ability of an area to host the GDF.

5 December 2016

Good for you or bad for you? Home-grown or farmed? Food fascinates us, but with mobile apps to help at almost every step, it need not be a mystery. British Geological Survey - MySoil, Free on Android, Apple. For the farmer or the serious gardener, knowing about your soil is pretty important. That’s where mySoil comes in, giving you access to a Europe-wide map of soil properties.

19 January 2016