In order to achieve the project aim and objectives G-BASE works to the following principles:

  1. A high level of quality control throughout project activities ensures a geochemistry database of uniformly high quality that has the confidence of end users.
  2. Information about the geochemical baselines of the UK surface environment is achieved by the collection of a wide variety of sample media including stream sediments, panned concentrates, surface and profile soils and stream waters.
  3. The project is principally concerned with natural geochemical baselines looking at regional trends rather than site specific investigations.
  4. The regional geochemical baseline is of particular importance in urban areas and in these areas soil sampling is undertaken at a greater density.
  5. The project supports research that demonstrates the variety of ways G-BASE results and samples can be used.
  6. Sample analyses are principally concerned with the inorganic elements and the physio-chemical parameters that may affect their distribution (such as Eh, pH and organic carbon content).
  7. The project does not monitor variations over a period of time. It is concerned with creating a 'snap shot' record of the geochemical nature of our environment against which future generations can measure and monitor changes.
  8. The project supports national and international working groups devoted to the standardisation of geochemical mapping procedures and the development of a global geochemical database.
  9. The project seeks to provide the user community with a readily accessible and well described geochemical database of the UK surface environment.
  10. The project assists other governments around the world wishing to develop national geochemical mapping programmes.