BGS Drilling Facility | Rotary coring

Drilling rig using the rotary corer

The rotary corer is used for drilling harder materials. This method uses a rotary head and cutting bits on the barrel head to provide cores such as sandstone and limestone. The material is recovered in a plastic liner as in the percussion method but the barrel is rotated into the ground under the weight of the drill-head. This method returns a core sample of 84mm in a plastic liner. The rotary corer is slightly slower than the percussion method. Rotary corer can be used for drilling indurated to well indurated deposits e.g. tills, mudstones, siltstones, sandstones.

Contacting the Team

If you have any questions, would like to discuss any drilling requirements or wish to book the drill team then please speak to Steve Thorpe (Tel: 0115 936 3189) to talk about how the drill team can help. If Steve isn't available then Carl Horabin can help.