BGS Drilling Facility | Rotary augering

The Augering method uses the rotary head with a selection of augers to core into softer sediments. Either a Continuous Flight Auger can be used to produce a sample such as the one illustrated in figure 1, or a Hollow-stem Auger which produces a larger bulk sample (figure 2).

Both these augering methods do not provide a core encased in a plastic liner, but usually recover material as bulk samples.

If you want to drill:

  • sand and gravel deposits
  • estuarine deposits with sand and gravel
Figure 1: Drilling using the Continuous Flight Augers
Figure 2: Drilling rig using the hollow-stem Auger

Contacting the Team

If you have any questions, would like to discuss any drilling requirements or wish to book the drill team then please speak to Steve Thorpe (Tel: 0115 936 3189) to talk about how the drill team can help. If Steve isn't available then Carl Horabin can help.