The Faroe-Shetland Consortium

Reports issued to sponsors of Phases 1 and 2

The petroleum geoscience team coordinates a consortium-based research approach to understanding the tectonostratigraphic evolution of the north west Atlantic margin.

The Faroe-Shetland Consortium (FSC) was established by BGS, Jarðfeingi (Faroese Earth and Energy Directorate) and sponsoring oil companies, with the aim of investigating the tectonostratigraphic development of the Faroe-Shetland region. It grew from foundations established during an earlier collaborative joint industry project that delivered the BGS/Jarðfeingi Faroe-Shetland Basin regional report. A number of advantages resulted from this collaborative approach, including a joined-up overview of the entire region (not just national sectors) and cost sharing, to support an ambitious programme of work. BGS and Jarðfeingi aim to benefit from the co-funded research through publication of results for national good purposes, once the period of sponsorship confidentiality has lapsed.

The FSC has completed two three-year phases of work, resulting in a suite of reports and GIS databases describing the structure and stratigraphy of the Faroe-Shetland region. These are based on an analysis of commercial seismic, released wells, BGS shallow boreholes, potential field data, third party (Ichron Limited) biostratigraphic data and the published literature.

Phases 1 and 2 of the project highlighted key areas of uncertainty, which will be addressed in Phase 3 of the project. The major sub-projects of Phase 3 will include:

  • interpretation of the facies and depositional setting of Upper Jurassic coarse clastic rocks, to evaluate the evolution of the proto-north east Atlantic margin and its consequent tectonic setting
  • generation of new biostratigraphic and radiometric age dating of the Paleocene–earliest Eocene breakup succession, to provide a new stratigraphic framework
  • fully integrated interpretation of the structure of the area south east of the Faroe Islands using reprocessed seismic data

These three Phase 3 tasks were agreed by existing project sponsors at a kick-off meeting of sponsors in August 2015.

BGS and Jarðfeingi welcome the participation of additional sponsors into the consortium.


For further details please contact Vanessa Starcher.