Talla Water automated stream gauge

site of automated stream gauge

A stream gauging station has been installed on the Talla Water, at a point along its precipitous descent from the upland basin that contains Talla Moss towards Talla Reservoir. The gauging site, located 200m downstream of the road bridge across the burn, was selected by staff of Wallingford Hydrosolutions Ltd, after a reconnaissance visit on March 2nd 2010. The site (which lies at an elevation of 319m) was regarded as being the best available, as it offered a stable profile and cross section cut in resistant greywacke bedrock.

A Level Troll 500 logger, high security stilling well and stage board were installed on April 9th 2010. The instrument logs instantaneous water levels at 15 minute intervals, continuously for periods of up to 3 years. Flow gauging and water level data have now been recorded for more than a year and preliminary rating curves (below) have now been produced.

Preliminary rating curves for the Talla Water at moderate and low flows