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This is the primary catalogue for all digital and paper data deposited with the BGS since 2015.  It also contains older collections which have been catalogued since 2015.

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An easy-to-use, searchable map interface that enables users to find all data and information held by the BGS and the NGDC for any part of the UK, both onshore and offshore.)

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Onshore Borehole Materials Database

Holds information of core and sample types and depths from onshore boreholes

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UKCS (Offshore) Hydrocarbon Well Collection Database

Holds information of core and samples types and depth from offshore hydrocarbon wells.

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The primary catalogue of the BGS mineralogy and petrology collections, including thin sections.

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The primary catalogue of the BGS palaeontology and biostratigraphy collections

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Cited Data Catalogue

A list of all the formally cited datasets held by the NGDC showing the title, author(s) and the digital object identifier (DOI), which links to the landing page with metadata links and direct access to the data, where appropriate.

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A database of the type specimens, held in British collections, of macrofossil species and subspecies found in the UK. Including photographs and a selection of 3D models.

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BGS metadata catalogue

Browse BGS metadata catalogue with over 1,500 datasets, services and maps

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Visiting the Geomaterials Repository.  The majority of borehole cores and samples are available for study and subsampling by bona fide academics and commercial companies. Copies of the regulations and access forms are available by emailing the Geomaterials Repository

Commercial companies are charged for access; academics will need to complete an academic waiver form.

Boreholes may be selected using the GeoIndex or the borehole materials database.

The online database also provides information on available sample depths and types. For all Geomaterials Repository enquiries, including visitor bookings and available dates etc., please contact the Geomaterials Repository.