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The British Geological Survey (BGS) is delivering a £31m investment in two subsurface (underground) research field sites to deliver new geological evidence that will advance our understanding of the subsurface environment and underpin the development of new energy science.

The Cheshire Energy Research Field Site will attract world–leading geologists, engineers and other scientists to undertake energy–related research through close and long–term observation of the way that gases and fluids move around in the subsurface, within different rock types and between different rock layers (from depths of 25m down to 1,200m).

11 October 2017

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Today, Sir Keith O’Nions has been announced as the first Chair to lead the new British Geological Survey (BGS) Board. The BGS Board has been created to assist the BGS meet future challenges and ensure it continues as a globally leading survey, delivering services and providing infrastructure support nationally and globally. The Chair and Board will work closely with the BGS Director and the Chief Executive of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) to shape BGS' successful future, with a particular focus in the short term on developing new funding and governance arrangements for BGS that will sustain it into the future. Sir Keith will take up post with immediate effect.

28 September 2017

Scientists are on a mission to rescue two million pieces of ‘lost’ weather data gathered more than 100 years ago by intrepid volunteers on Britain’s highest mountain.

7 September 2017

Glasgow Geothermal Energy Research Field Site
Two of the UK's leading scientific agencies have issued an open invitation to come to the Legacy Hub in Dalmarnock on Tuesday 5 September, when plans will be unveiled for an exciting new research development proposed for the Clyde Gateway area in the east end of Glasgow or neighbouring Rutherglen in South Lanarkshire.

14 August 2017

Leading experts from the UK and developing countries across the world are joining forces to tackle some of the most serious global challenges in a new multi-disciplinary research programme launched today.

21 July 2017

BGS Open Day
The British Geological Survey (BGS), in collaboration with Quarrylab, will be hosting an exhibition of artworks to coincide with the BGS 2017 Open Day. Quarrylab is rural based artist development project that was founded by artist Roy Pickering. The exhibition will showcase work of Quarrylab artists alongside materials and artefacts from the British Geological Survey archives. Impossible Views draws parallels between art and science. It explores how research and experimentation in both fields can be mutually beneficial.

29 June 2017

A team of scientists from the British Geology Survey (BGS) has won Team of the Year at the Praxis Unico Impact Awards 2017 aimed at recognizing knowledge exchange and commercialization professionals. The award was received by BGS’s GeoAnalytics and Modelling Directorate as a result of their consistent excellence in adding value to the vast datasets held by the BGS in addition to building relationships and overcoming challenges.

20 June 2017

The British Geological Survey (BGS) and the UK Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) are pleased to announce the release of the 21st Century Exploration Roadmap (21CXRM) Palaeozoic Project, aiming to improve the knowledge and data from the underexplored Palaeozoic petroleum systems of the North Sea and Greater Irish Sea.

18 April 2017

Volcanic activity on Montserrat
Some of the world’s leading volcanologists and geothermal engineers have signed up to a US$100m magma drilling project in a bid to help protect millions of people, towns and cities across the world from volcano disasters; and to make a strategic step in scaling up the use of geothermal energy.

7 April 2017

Seismic trace
A seismologist from the British Geological Survey (BGS) and another from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy (INGV) met with Prince Charles in Amatrice today. The scientists were among the international team that updated him on the on-going collaboration and reconstruction efforts since the earthquake struck in August last year.

4 April 2017