Environmental geochemistry projects

A goitre sufferer from Sri Lanka

Environmental geochemistry is principally concerned with the sources, dispersion and distribution of chemical elements and gases in the surface environment, their chemical forms and pathways into water, agricultural crops and animals and their effects on the health of plants, animals and humans.

The image shows a goitre sufferer from Sri Lanka. A study is currently looking at selenium and iodine levels in the Sri Lankan environment.

Below are some environmental geochemistry projects with which the BGS has been involved. For further information please contact Dr J D Appleton.

Environmental geochemistry. Regional geochemical mapping in developing countries and its application to environmental studies (Bolivia, Kenya, Mexico, Solomon Islands, Sumatra, Swaziland)

Natural trace element imbalances and animal health: Geochemical indicators of cattle mineral status in Zimbabwe

Environmental impact assessment of coal-fired power stations (China and India)

Coupled geochemical modelling and mapping with particular regard to aluminium toxicity (Uganda and Zimbabwe)

Environmental impact assessment of mining and mineral processing, with particular emphasis on amelioration of arsenic and mercury pollution associated with gold mining (Malaysia, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Ecuador)

Environmental impact of alluvial tin mining (Southeast Asia)

Review of the significance of contamination from natural sources and mining areas to planning and development in Great Britain (DOE): natural radioactivity and radon; methane, carbon dioxide and oil seeps; potentially harmful elements (including arsenic, cadmium, copper, lead and zinc)

Land-ocean contaminant fluxes (LOCS) (Kenya, Tanzania, Brazil)

Mitigation of mining-related mercury pollution hazards (Philippines and Ecuador)

Prediction and remediation of human selenium imbalances (China, Sri Lanka)

Cerium and endomyocardial fibrosis in tropical terrains (Uganda)

Acid and gas contamination studies , Poas volcano, Costa Rica

Evaluation and interpretation of regional and site-specific hydrochemical databases for water quality assessment (NERC Environmental Diagnostics Thematic Programme)

Mapping and modelling the concentration and mobility of potentially toxic elements in Welsh stream waters (NERC Environmental Diagnostics Thematic Programme)

Environmental Arsenic Exposure : Health Risks and Geochemical Solutions (Thailand and Argentina)

Regional Overview of land-based activities affecting the quality and uses of the marine, coastal and freshwater environment of the East African Region (UNEP / FAO)

Issues in watershed management, transfer of agro-pollutants and sediments and their impacts in coastal zones of the Caribbean (DFID Land Water Interface Programme)