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Geological models provide information about the three dimensional structure of the rocks and sediments that make up the ground beneath our feet. The LithoFrame Viewer is a software application that enables users to view and query geological models constructed by BGS in a GIS-style interface, presenting spatial and three-dimensional data in terms of maps, logs, cross-sections (profiles) and also in 3D.

The Viewer is designed to be used easily by both experts and by casual users, however to work effectively a laptop or PC with good graphics capability is required. A selection of sample models are available for trialling the software and exploring parts of the UK’s geology

The LithoFrame Viewer presents pre-built 3D geological models as provided by BGS. These data files are delivered in a proprietary, encrypted format, and can be opened in the Viewer in the same way you might open a document in a word processing application. The LithoFrame Viewer does not enable you to incorporate, view or model your own geological data, nor to edit, modify or export existing data.

The Viewer was developed jointly by BGS and INSIGHT Geologische Softwaresysteme: GmbH using the GSI3D 3D modelling platform.

Download the LithoFrame Viewer

The LithoFrame Viewer application is freely available, please read our software disclaimer prior to use.

Download the LithoFrame Viewer User Guide

The LithoFrame Viewer is a stand-alone application and is free to access. Please acknowledge the use of the LithoFrame Viewer (BGS) in any derived images.

Sample models are available under the Open Government Licence. Please acknowledge the material.

Download the LithoFrame Viewer:

  1. Download the viewer and install
  2. Access the model data and save;
    • Download one of the free sample models available in the LithoFrame Viewer format
    • Commissioned models will be supplied directly to clients the correct format if this is specified in contract terms
  3. Open the viewer software and use the file menu to open the model *.gsipre file (this may take 3–5 minutes)

Known issue: in the 3D Window use a vertical exaggeration of X11 to view colours correctly for all attributes.

Download sample Lithoframe Viewer models

UK3D v2015 (England only)
Isle of Wight

Need more information?

Please contact the BGS enquiries team

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