Marine operations and engineering

RD2 Drill system onboard Northern Light House Board NLV Pharos

Marine Operations Engineer working on RD22

The engineers of the BGS Marine Geology and Operations team are a highly experienced team that have undertaken both scientific and commercial projects within UK designated waters and internationally, from inshore waters to mid-ocean environments, and from polar to tropical environments.

BGS has expertise in:

  • Coring and drilling operations
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Sea-bed sampling
  • Loch, lake and inshore surveys using the BGS survey vessel: the White Ribbon

The BGS marine operations team and equipment pool are based at The Lyell Centre 2 near Edinburgh; the team can tailor projects to meet the needs of both scientific and commercial projects, including research and development to meet specific operational objectives.

As the European operations facility of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) the team undertake the management, logistics, planning and contracts for Mission Specific Platform expeditions on behalf of the longest running and most successful international collaborations in the earth sciences.

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BGS Research Vessel White Ribbon


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