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BGS’s Professor Melanie Leng awarded MBE

10/06/2019 By BGS Press

Professor Melanie Leng, BGS Chief Scientist for Environmental Change Adaptation and Resilience, was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2019.

The Birthday Honours List recognises the outstanding achievements of people across the UK. Professor Leng is one of just over 100 people to be awarded for their work in the science, technology and health sectors this year.

In addition to her main role at BGS, Professor Leng is Director for the Centre for Environmental Geochemistry, a collaboration between BGS and the University of Nottingham, which specialises in research aimed at understanding environmental and climate change, human impact on the environment, food security, and resource management.

She leads the Intercontinental Scientific Drilling Programme in the UK, is a Professor of Isotope Geoscience at the University of Nottingham and has significant advisory and board experience, including editorial responsibilities at six environmental and Earth science journals.

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I am delighted to be awarded an MBE, which recognises my work on behalf of the British Geological Survey and University of Nottingham.

I have been fortunate in my career to collaborate with some fantastic scientists who have worked with me on environmental issues such as understanding past environmental and climate change from natural archives and understanding how conditions on Earth have and are changing due to human impact on the environment.

Over the last few years we have established the Centre for Environmental Geochemistry, a collaboration between the British Geological Survey and University of Nottingham which is a growing brand, recognised for research and teaching in the environmental sciences.

Prof Melanie Leng MBE.

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Prof Melanie Leng is a highly-respected member of BGS’s team and leads the UK National Environmental Isotope Facility based out of BGS.

We are extremely proud that her achievements and leadership in environmental science have been recognised with an MBE.

Prof John Ludden, BGS Executive Director.

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