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NMW 2018

Deep ocean

UK's first deep geothermal plant starts Cornwall drilling

Drilling at the UK's first deep geothermal electricity plant is to start this week at the United Downs Industrial Estate in Cornwall, south-west England. More information

Science strategy consultation

The BGS is delighted to share with you a draft of our new, refreshed science strategy, Gateway to the Earth 2018–2023. The BGS values your views greatly, so we are putting the new draft strategy out for consultation.

Community water management for London

A consortium including BGS has been awarded a grant to collaborate with partners and stakeholders to address sustainable water management in London. More information.....

National Minerals Week

This week is National Minerals Week and the theme this year is how minerals and their derived products are used in our everyday lives. For some great mineral fact sheets follow the Institute of Quarrying on Twitter or just keep up to date via @BritGeosurvey.

Deep-ocean mineral deposits

Deep-ocean mineral deposits could make a significant contribution to future raw material supply. Growing metal demand and geopolitics are focusing increasing attention on their resource potential and economic importance but accurate assessment of the total amounts of metal and its recoverability are very difficult. Read more

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BGS Geological Walk map

A walk through geological time at BGS Keyworth, now available to browse online


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