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British tsunamis

New research carried out by BGS, The University of Dundee and funded by NERC shows that British tsunamis happen much more often than thought. More information

New Scientist Live

Join the BGS and the Geological Society at New Scientist Live, to explore plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes, on stand 841. New Scientist Live

Doors Open Day

We're opening the doors of the Lyell Centre in Edinburgh to all on Saturday 29th September, as part of the Doors Open Days programme. Our scientists will be on hand to chat about their research and there will be a variety of short talks plus lots of hands-on activities to get involved with.

Geospatial Commission consultation

The BGS is a partner body of the Geospatial Commission that was announced in November 2017. The Geospatial Commission is an impartial expert committee that aims to promote the more productive use of public and private sector geospatial data. This will maximise the value of 'location data', which could generate £11 billion a year.
More information

The RESIST project — natural coastal protection

Salt marshes can act as a first line of coastal defence against storm surges and can even lower the risk of the coastline suffering from climate change effects. The NERC RESIST project aims to determine how, why and where this happens, and investigates our coastline's vulnerability. More information

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BGS Geological Walk map

A walk through geological time at BGS Keyworth, now available to browse online


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