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ASR 17–18

Bryan Lovell

UN goals

World Magnetic Model (WMM)

What links the centre of the Earth, billions of smartphones, and BGS scientists? The answer is: the recently updated World Magnetic Model (WMM). More information

Planning application submitted for Cheshire Observatory

The BGS has submitted its planning application for a UK Geoenergy Observatory in Cheshire. The Cheshire Geoenergy Research Field Site will deliver important new data on the underground environment and will become a world-class observatory for geoscience, geological modelling and environmental monitoring. Picture © Peter Corcoran.

Annual Science Review 2017–2018

The BGS Annual Science Review for 2017–2018. As a world-leading, global geological survey, we have an extensive programme of geoscience research, survey and monitoring, data management and dissemination. This helps us to focus on public-good science and to understand and predict the geological processes that matter to people's lives.

Bryan Lovell Meeting 2019 | 21–23 January 2019 | London Geological Society

This major conference will look at the geological solutions to decarbonisation. The main objective will be to identify the high level barriers to progress and the main science questions, as well as to begin a roadmap to put geological decarbonisation firmly on the policy agenda.
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UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Geological Society of London has published a joint briefing note with BGS and Geology for Global Development outlining the ways in which geologists are key to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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