Groundwater modelling

BGS Groundwater research

Our modelling research focuses on the development and application of models to improve our understanding of hydrological and groundwater processes, and to allow predictions about the future to be made.

We undertake modelling research in collaboration with universities and other research institutes, industry, environmental regulators and both government and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that addresses a wide range of environmental issues.

groundwater flowpaths
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Modelled groundwater flowpaths.

In addition to our research activities, we undertake modelling projects for a number of commercial clients. Our groundwater modelling experts are skilled in both applying existing approaches and developing bespoke modelling tools to answers our clients’ questions.

Our group has a strong track record in modelling a range of hydrological and hydrogeological systems. Our field of modelling expertise covers:

  • conceptual groundwater modelling
  • groundwater resource assessment
  • contaminant transport
  • groundwater flood simulation
  • coastal groundwater systems
  • urban hydrogeology and hydrology
  • groundwater in glaciated and peri-glacial systems
  • integrated environmental modelling

We employ a range of modelling software and tools to understand groundwater processes, but always seek to use the appropriate approach for the system being investigated. Some of the methods, techniques and modelling software we use include:

  • groundwater flow and transport modelling software:
    • FeFlow
    • MT3D
    • SUTRA
    • ZOOMQ3D
  • Integrated hydrological modelling software:
    • JULES
    • VIC
  • Bespoke modelling, e.g. in COMSOL Multiphysics, Python, R, Matlab

Groundwater modelling software

Selected current projects


If you want to discover more then please contact Chris Jackson.

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