Marine Data at The British Geological Survey (BGS)

The RRS James Clark Ross in heavy seas

The British Geological Survey (BGS) maintain several collections of marine data, information and material as part of the National Geoscience Data Centre (NGDC), as a Marine Environment Data and Information Network (MEDIN) Data Archive Centre (DAC) and under other initiatives such as The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) data portal and The National Hydrocarbons Data Archive (NHDA).

Geological, geophysical and environmental data on the seabed and sub seabed are used to underpin the marine science undertaken by the BGS and the wider user community in the UK and beyond. These data are used in a range of projects, such as MAREMAP, and in the creation of BGS digital products.

These data are managed by the BGS for the long-term benefit of all and are available online and without charge where possible. However, some data are still in analogue form or are not yet processed for online delivery and in these cases there may be a charge to cover the administration involved in data preparation and delivery. Some data may be subject to terms of use agreed with data providers.

Offshore GeoIndexBGS Offshore GeoIndex

The Offshore GeoIndex allows you to view and download BGS open marine data and coverage. This includes a web map service (WMS) for use in your own applications.

BGS Marine Geoscience Data CollectionBGS Marine Geoscience Data Collection

This collection is primarily from the United Kingdom Continental Shelf and adjacent area geoscience surveys undertaken by the BGS, collected using drilling, sampling and geophysical techniques, resulting in paper records, analogue and digital data, and physical material.

MEDIN LogoMarine Environment Data and Information Network (MEDIN)

This is a partnership of UK organisations committed to improving access to marine data. The BGS is the accredited Data Archive Centre (DAC) for Geology and Geophysics.

DECC Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) data portal

The SEA portal is managed by the BGS on behalf of Department of Energy and Climate Change (now BEIS) and provides free access to downloadable data, information and reports which have been produced through the SEA process.

National Hydrocarbons Data Archive (NHDA) logoNational Hydrocarbons Data Archive (NHDA)

The NHDA is the primary, long–term data archive for the geoscientific legacy resulting from UK offshore oil and gas exploration and production activity. The NHDA is operated by the BGS under agreement with Department of Energy and Climate Change (now BEIS).

Geo-Seas logoGeo-Seas

Geo-Seas is an EU FP7 project to expand the SeaDataNet infrastructure to include delivery of marine geological and geophysical data held by the Geo-Seas partner organisations.

BGS Marine Survey Team in action Marine interpretations, collaborative work and products

The BGS Marine Data collections provide the underlying data for the following projects, collaborations and end products.


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