DiGMapGB: onshore Digital Geological Map of Great Britain data

DiGMapGB information downloads

The Digital Geological Map of Great Britain (DiGMapGB) project has made digital geological map data available for much of Great Britain. It ranges from national (small-scale) to detailed (large-scale) resolutions with the availability of the five geological themes tabulated below. Follow the links for further information or download PDF documents.

Digital Geological Map data Geological themes typically available
Datasets Scale Use Artificial ground Mass Move-ment Super-ficial deposits Bedrock geology Linear features
DiGMapGB-10 1:10 000 Detailed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DiGMapGB-25 1:25 000 Semi-detailed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DiGMapGB-50 1:50 000 Local Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DiGMapGB-250   1:250 000 Regional No No No Yes Yes
DiGMapGB-625   1:625 000 National No No Yes Yes Yes

DiGMapGB-625 data downloads

Digital Geological Map data Data formats Open source standards
Dataset Theme ESRI® MapInfo® WMS WFS Atom KML
DiGMapGB-625 Bedrock 11.3 MB 8 MB View service Download Download Download
DiGMapGB-625 Superficial 4.6 MB 8.4 MB View service   Download Download

Terms of use

These data are available for free, including commercial, research and public use. Where use is made of these DiGMapGB-625 data you must acknowledge the material.

DiGMapGB sample downloads

Sample data ESRI® MapInfo®
DiGMapGB-10 103 KB 153 KB
DiGMapGB-50   26 KB
DiGMapGB-250 421 KB 3.98 KB

Terms of use

These samples are provided for evaluation purposes so the user can assess their content and suitability for intended uses.

Most DiGMapGB data (apart from DiGMapGB-625 which is free) may then be obtained for use under licence, subject to certain standard terms and conditions. In general, a licence fee will be payable based on the scale of data, the number of users, and the duration of the licence; see IPR Section and How much will I pay?

See DiGMapGB formats;  viewing and downloading data

DiGMapGB-625 dataset download

Content and formats

The 1:625 000 scale Digital Geological Map of Great Britain (DiGMapGB-625) dataset covering Great Britain and Northern Ireland is available for free download. Separate bedrock geology and superficial deposits themes, in ESRI® and MapInfo® vector formats, are compressed into zip files that can be downloaded and their contents unzipped to the user’s own machine.

Note: The new (Version.5) Bedrock geology does not necessarily fit well with the older (Version 1) Superficial deposits as they were prepared using different coastlines. The cartographical accuracy is approximately 1 mm which is about 625 m (usually rounded to 1 km) on the ground.

Terms of use

These DiGMapGB-625 data are available for free, including commercial, research and public use. Where use is made of these DiGMapGB-625 data you must acknowledge the material.
The BGS provides no warranty as to the quality, accuracy, completeness of this free map data or the medium on which it is supplied. This includes any warranty as to the continued provision of material or that the material taken from this site is compatible with your computer system and/or any other data with which the material is to be used.


We encourage all users to use OpenGeoscience material with their own data. If you create something new and innovative that could benefit others please contact us at: usingbgsdata@bgs.ac.uk.

DiGMapGB: formats, viewing and downloading the data

DiGMapGB formats

DiGMapGB data are available in many formats including ESRI® and MapInfo®. The 1:625 000 scale data are also available for free download in KML; the other scales are supplied under licence on request for commercial use.

Viewing the data

GIS software is required to view these data layers. In addition to their full software products, ESRI® make the ArcExplorer data viewer and MapInfo® make the MapInfo® ProviewerTM data viewer freely available. Numerous Open Source alternatives such as Web Mapping Services (WMS) and KML files for viewing in Google Earth are also available.

Downloading DiGMapGB data

Samples of data or the 1:625 000 dataset are available. Please read BGS’s software disclaimer before downloading

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