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Geoscientific data (geodata) represents one component required to make informed strategic decisions to drive economic and social development, and ensure environmental protection. Making geodata simply and readily available to government and industry enables effective decision-making.

We are embarking on a new form of Public Private Partnership (PPP) that is based on the concept of 'Partnering for mutual success', where government, industry and commercial organisations collaborate in maximising the value of pre-competitive geoscience data. The purpose of this project is to make available, within a defined test pilot area, all pre-competitive geoscience data publicly and freely accessible through a hosted geoscience portal for a period of three years.

8 December 2017

Michael Watts
Congratulations to Dr Michael Watts who was recently elected to the post of President of the Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health. Michael has been involved in the SEGH for nearly 15 years as a member of the European board and active on the International board via his role in redesigning the website since 2010.

5 December 2017

Marie Cowan
"Operating as a key player in Northern Ireland's knowledge economy, the work of the Geological Survey for Northern Ireland has been a crucial factor for both attracting foreign direct investment and for local development."
Marie Cowan, Director, Geological Survey of Northern Ireland (GSNI) discusses one of the region’s largest datasets and the Survey's ambitious plans to transition to 4D models with real time data.

Read the full article in agendaNi

28 July 2017

Prof John Ludden
A newsletter from Prof John Ludden to the British Geological Survey’s (BGS) stakeholders to outline some recent developments at the BGS.

3 July 2017

As the BGS is an arm’s length body of government, we face restrictions on communicating during the pre-election period and are not able to provide media comment at this time. Normal service will be resumed after the General Election when a new government has been formed.

3 May 2017

CEG logo
A new £450,000 research project investigating sustainable water management on the Red River Delta in Vietnam has recently been awarded UK and Vietnamese Collaborators under the Newton funding Scheme. The project will involve collaborators from the School of Geography at the University of Nottingham (in UK and Malaysia), British Geological Survey and the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) in Hanoi. Under this scheme, the funding is awarded by the UK Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and the Vietnamese NAFOSTED.

12 April 2017

National geological model
New £31m research facilities will see UK scientists gather critical data on the use of geoenergy technologies to help meet energy needs.

12 April 2017

3D geological model
The special issue stems from the Quaternary Research Associations Annual Discussion Meeting that staff from BGS Edinburgh organised in 2015. BGS scientists feature as authors on a significant number of the papers.

10 February 2017

Helen Glaves
Congratulations to Helen Glaves on her election as President of the EGU ESSI Division for the next two years (from April 2017).

23 December 2016

Kara Bogus

Congratulations to Dr Kara Bogus (IODP, Texas A&M University) who has been appointed as a Visiting Research Associate at the British Geological Survey within the Stable Isotope Facility and the Centre for Environmental Geochemistry. Kara is an organic geochemist and her research interests are in formation and alteration of marine kerogen; organic matter diagenesis and preservation; geochemical composition of organic microfossils and sources of variability; development of organic microfossil composition as a kerogenproxy. Kara will be working with Sev Kender and Melanie Leng on reconstructing Bay of Bengal palaeoceanography since the Miocene.

19 December 2016