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Mobile websites 

Mobile onshore

The onshore GeoIndex viewer has been designed to work on both smartphone or tablet devices. Using Responsive Design techniques, the application opens with a simplified user interface and reduced functionality on a small screen device. A range of datasets can be viewed through the GeoIndex, including: Boreholes, Geology, Geochemistry, Photographs, Geophysics, Minerals and Hydrogeological data.

Free smartphone apps 


iGeology, for iPhone/iPad, Android and Kindle Fire, gives you an interactive geological map of the UK.
Download iGeology from iTunes or Google Play

iGeology 3DiGeology 3D

iGeology 3D, for Android, 'paints' a geological map on the ground around you. It can be used alone or as a companion product to iGeology.
Download iGeology 3D from Google Play


mySoil, for iPhone/iPad and Android devices, gives you an interactive map of the soils of Britain.
Download mySoil from iTunes or Google Play


myVolcano enables you to share your photographs and descriptions of volcanic hazards, collect samples and measurements of volcanic ash fall, helping scientists to gather vital new information.

Citizen science

Citizen scienceCitizen science

Record geological exposures, earthquakes, flooding, landslides and other information using a free mobile app.
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