Athena SWAN | Bronze Status

BGS is pleased to announce its achievement of Bronze Athena Swan status

Following the formal announcement on the ECU and Athena SWAN websites that Research institutes in the UK will be eligible to join Equality Challenge Unit's Athena SWAN Charter, BGS is pleased to announce its achievement of Bronze status.

This is a scheme that recognises excellence in women's employment in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine (STEMM) in UK higher education.

Athena SWAN evolved from work between the Athena project and the Scientific Women's Academic Network (SWAN) with the specific aim of advancing the representation of women in science, engineering and technology.

The Athena SWAN Charter was launched in 2005, aimed at University departments, and it has achieved significant credibility since then. For the first time in 2013, Athena SWAN piloted the use of the Charter with Research Institutes and BGS was the first NERC centre to participate.

Professor John Ludden, executive Director of the British Geological Survey says

"BGS is very pleased to have been awarded with the Athena Swan Bronze award. This will provide an added impetus to BGS to enhance its programmes in diversity in employment in working towards a silver award in the future"

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