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We all believe that a safe, sustainable and well-understood environment that makes best use of new and existing resources is a cornerstone of progress.

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Groundhog Desktop – an integrated tool for geological interpretation and modelling work

From the management and use of natural resources to the safe creation, regeneration and maintenance of the built environment, we understand that high-quality site investigation coupled with conceptual geological understanding is key. Software that enables you to interpret your data, create models and communicate risks and insights can take things to the next level, but such digital tools are often complex, highly specialised and costly.

That’s why we’re developing Groundhog Desktop.

We believe that you should have access to geological software which is powerful, without it being complicated or expensive. Our software is available in both no-cost ‘Community’ and low-cost ‘Professional’ editions. With Groundhog, our mission is to provide you with a simple, effective way of visualising and interpreting site data as well as developing conceptual and 3D digital geological models.

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For further details, please download our PDF product brochure.

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For Groundhog Professional license keys and trials please visit LQM.

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