John Williams

Research geoscientist
BGS Keyworth

John Williams’s Biography

  • 2006 – ongoing : Geoscientist, BGS
  • 2005 –2006 : Geochemical Field Sampler, GSNI/BGS
  • 2002 –2005 : BSc University of Plymouth, Geology with Geography


Research interests

  • Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Geothermal energy
  • Natural gas storage
  • In Situ stress analysis

Current projects and collaborations

  • ALIGN-CCUS Strategic Storage for European Industrial Clusters
  • ELEGANCY Enabling a Low-Carbon Economy via Hydrogen and CCS
  • ENOS – Enabling Onshore CO2 Storage in Europe
  • UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre 2017 Co-Investigator

NERC Open Research Archive — John Williams

Key papers

  • 2019 : Onoja, M U, Williams, J D O, Vosper, H and, Shariatipour, S. 2019. Effect of sedimentary heterogeneities in the sealing formation on predictive analysis of geological CO2 storage. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, Vol. 82, 229-243.
  • 2019 : Williams, J D O, Dobbs, M R, Kingdon, A, Lark, R M, Williamson, J P, MacDonald, A M, and O’Dochertaigh, B E. 2019. Stochastic modelling of hydraulic conductivity derived from geotechnical data: an example applied to central Glasgow. Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Vol. 108 (2-3), 141-154.
  • 2018 : Fellgett, M W, Kingdon, A, Williams, J D O, and Gent, C M A. 2018. Stress magnitudes across UK regions: new analysis and legacy data across potentially prospective unconventional resource areas. Marine and Petroleum Geology, Vol. 97, 24-31.
  • 2018 : Parkes, D, Evans, D J, Williamson, J P and, Williams, J D O. 2018. Estimating available salt volume for potential CAES development: a case study using the Northwich Halite of the Cheshire Basin. Journal of Energy Storage, Vol. 18, 50-61.
  • 2018 : Williams, J D O, Gent, C M A, Fellgett, M W, and Gamboa, D. 2018. Impact of in situ stress and fault reactivation on seal integrity in the East Irish Sea. Marine and Petroleum Geology, Vol. 92, 685-696.
  • 2017 : Agada, S, Jackson, S, Kolster, C, MacDowell, N, Williams, G, Vosper, H, Williams, J, and Krevor, S. 2017. The impact of energy systems demands on pressure limited CO2 storage in the Bunter Sandstone of the UK Southern North Sea. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, Vol. 65, 128-136.
  • 2016 : Kingdon, A, Fellgett, M W, and Williams, J D O. 2016. Use of borehole imaging to improve understanding of the in-situ stress orientation of Central and Northern England and its implications for unconventional hydrocarbon resources. Marine and Petroleum Geology, Vol. 73, 1-20.
  • 2016 : McDermott, C, Williams, J, Tucker, O, Jin, M, MacKay, E, Edlmann, K, Haszeldine, S, Wang, W, Kolditz, O, and Akhurst, M. 2016. Screening the geomechanical stability (thermal and mechanical) of shared multi-user CO2 storage assets: A simple effective tool applied to the Captain Sandstone Aquifer. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, Vol. 45, 43-61.
  • 2016 : Williams, J D O, Fellgett, M W, and Quinn, M F. 2016. Carbon dioxide storage in the Captain Sandstone aquifer: determination of in situ stresses and fault-stability analysis. Petroleum Geoscience, Vol. 22, 211-222.
  • 2015 : Williams, J D O, Fellgett, M W, Kingdon, A, and Williamson, J P. 2015. In-situ stress orientations in the UK Southern North Sea: Regional trends, deviations and detachment of the post-Zechstein stress field. Marine and Petroleum Geology, Vol. 67, 769-784.
  • 2014 : Williams, J D O, Holloway, S, and Williams, G A. 2014. Pressure constraints on the CO2 storage capacity of the saline water-bearing parts of the Bunter Sandstone Formation in the UK Southern North Sea. Petroleum Geoscience, Vol. 20, 155-167.
  • 2013 : Williams, J D O, Jin, M, Bentham, M, Pickup, G E, Hannis, S D, and MacKay, E J. 2013. Modelling carbon dioxide storage within closed structures in the UK Bunter Sandstone Formation. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, Vol. 18, 38-50.
  • 2012 : Chadwick, R A, Williams, G A, Williams, J D O, and Noy, D J. 2012. Measuring pressure performance of a large saline aquifer during industrial-scale CO2 injection. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, Vol. 10, 374-388.
  • 2012 : Noy, D J, Holloway, S, Chadwick, R A, Williams, J D O, Hannis, S A, and Lahann, R W. 2012. Modelling large-scale carbon dioxide injection into the Bunter Sandstone in the UK Southern North Sea. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, Vol. 9, 220-233.
  • 2011 : Busby, J, Kingdon, A, and Williams, J. 2011. The measured shallow temperature field in Britain. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, Vol. 44, 373-387.


  • 3D static reservoir modelling
  • Seismic interpretation
  • Wireline log interpretation

Professional associations

  • Member of the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain
  • Fellow of the Geological Society of London

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