Katie Whitbread

Dr Katie Whitbread

National Geological Model project manager
BGS Edinburgh

Katie Whitbread’s Biography

  • 2017 – ongoing : National Geological Model – Project Manager
  • 2005 – ongoing : Geologist, British Geological survey
  • 2012 : PhD University of Glasgow (Fluvial geomorphology)
  • 2005 : MSci Geological Sciences, University of Cambridge
  • 2004 : BA (Hons) Natural sciences, University of Cambridge

Research interests

  • Sediment connectivity and catchment processes
  • 3D geological modelling systems and the communication of 3D geoscience

Current projects and collaborations

  • 2017 – ongoing : National Geological Model – managing the development of the UK Earth Model, and the UK GeoModel store. Delivering and communicating 3D geoscience for society.
  • 2015 – ongoing : Sediment connectivity in rural and urban catchments
  • 2015 –2017 : 21st Century Roadmap: Palaeozoic stratigraphy and palaeogeography of North East Scotland and the Northern North Sea (Industry commissioned research)

Commissioned reports
Commissioned reports – available from the NERC Open Research Archive


Key papers

  • Whitbread, K, Kessler, H, Kearsey, T, and Terrington, R. In press. 3D geoscience for the UK and beyond. Synopsis of Current 3D Geological Mapping and Modeling in Geological Survey Organizations – 2nd Edition.
  • Kearsey, T I, Whitbread, K, Arkley, S L B, Finlayson, A, Monaghan, A A, McLean, W S, Terrington, R L, Callaghan, E, Millward, D and Campbell, S D G. 2019. Creation and delivery of a complex 3D geological survey for the Glasgow area and its application to urban geology. Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, 108(2-3), 123-140.
  • Whitbread, K, Jansen, J, Bishop,P, and Attal, M. 2015. Substrate, slope and sediment controls on bedrock channel geometry in postglacial streamsJournal of Geophysical Research Earth Surface.
  • Whitbread, K. 2012. Postglacial evolution of bedrock rivers in post-orogenic terrains: the NW Scottish HighlandsUnpublished PhD thesis, University of Glasgow.


  • ArcGIS, 3D geological modelling and digital mapping
  • Quantitiative geomorphology
  • Geoscience communication
  • Geological surveying (superficial deposits and bedrock)
  • Geodiversity and geoheritage auditing

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