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This project is looking at our next generation of products to replace BGS Geology, focusing on their content, the user experience, how we deliver them and the GIS skills, infrastructure and statistical methods we need to make them.


Our current portfolio of digital products has evolved over the last 20 years to meet a rapidly changing user base and expectations. We predict the pace of change will continue and our user needs will grow. This project will look at what we need to do to keep our systems in line with the pace of change in digital services and to make the digital maps and services relevant to future users.

There are five main areas for this project:

  • reviewing what works well in our current products and what does not work or is missing
  • identifying ways to rationalise and evolve our data streams and methods
  • reviewing user expectations and needs from our current products and identify new outputs, possible future needs and data gaps
  • reviewing and harmonising some of our underpinning databases and vocabularies
  • developing skills and techniques for staff to improve our digital outputs

Who will benefit from this?

We continuously develop our digital data outputs in response to changing capabilities and demands. The work from this project is mainly a short- to medium-term ‘forward look’ to help us decide how to invest in our digital outputs and where to develop new skills and techniques to keep our products relevant to our users’ future needs. The new map, database and vocabulary outputs will eventually be used by everyone who needs geological information from one of our digital platforms in the future.


If you want to discover more then please contact Russell Lawley.

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