Geohazard notes

Natural Hazards Partnership

In response to the work of the Natural Hazards Partnership, the BGS has prepared a number of Geohazard notes to provide relevant summary information for some of the geohazards that could affect the UK.

The Geohazard notes provide information on how and why the hazard occurs, how it is measured, locations susceptible to the hazard and possible worst case scenarios.

The notes also give details on how the BGS and collaborating organisations respond to such hazards.


  • Coastal erosion
    What is coastal erosion and why does it occur?
    What are the consequences and costs to the UK economy?
  • Landslides 
    Where are the locations that are susceptible to landslides in the UK?
    How is the hazard characterised?
  • Collapsible ground
    What is collapsible ground?
    Why does it occur?
  • Compressible ground 
    What is compressible ground?
    What problems can it cause?
  • Seismic hazard
    Why do earthquakes occur?
    What threat are they to the UK?
    Earthquake monitoring in the UK.
  • Groundwater flooding 
    Why does groundwater flooding occur?
    What is the impact and cost to the UK economy?
  • Soluble rocks
    What are soluble rocks?
    What are the hazards from soluble rocks in the UK?
  • Geomagnetism
    What is space weather?
    What are the consequences of it occurring?
    What is the cost to the UK economy?
  • Volcanic hazards
    What causes the different volcanic hazards?
    What are the consequences and costs to the UK economy?
  • Ground shrinking and swelling 
    What is shrink-swell and why does it occur?
    What is the cost to the UK economy?

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