Nirex geological archive

BGS Data — National Geological Repository

The Nirex geological archive that was transferred from Nirex (now part of Nuclear Waste Services) to BGS during 2000 and 2001. The archive consists of borehole cores and samples, thin and polished sections, digital data and paper records acquired by Nirex during its investigations at Sellafield and Dounreay.

We agreed to retain the records for a minimum of 50 years as part of the NGR. A report was prepared to record the transfer of the archive and briefly describes the nature and the extent of the data transferred to BGS.

The report was prepared, verified and approved for publication by BGS. The work was carried out in accordance with the quality assurance arrangements that were established by BGS and Nirex, and complied with the requirements of ISO 9001. It was made available under Nirex’s transparency policy.

In line with the transparency policy, Nirex sought to make information on its activities readily available and to enable interested parties to have access to and influence on its future programmes.

Non-commercial use

The report may be freely used for non-commercial purposes. However, all commercial uses, including copying and re-publication, require permission from BGS or Nirex/Nuclear Waste Services. All copyright, database rights and other intellectual property rights reside with Nirex/Nuclear Waste Services and BGS.

Commercial use applications

Applications for permission to use the report commercially should be made to BGS or to Nirex/Nuclear Waste Services. Commercial access to or use of the archive is by agreement with Nirex/Nuclear Waste Services, but there are no restrictions on academic access to the archive.

Although great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in this publication, BGS and Nirex/Nuclear Waste Services cannot assume any responsibility for the consequences that may arise from its use by other parties.

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