Dr Louise Maurice

Dr Louise Maurice
Senior Hydrogeologist

Location: Wallingford

Tel: 01491 69 2551

E-mail Dr Louise Maurice


  •  2007 – ongoing : Hydrogeologist, British Geological Survey
  •  2003 –2009 : PhD — Investigations of rapid groundwater flow and karst in the Chalk. University College London
  •  2003 –2007 : Research Assistant, Hydrogeology, University College London
  •  1999 –2003 : Research Assistant, Bristol University
  •  1998 –1999 : Environmental Geologist, Johnson, Poole and Bloomer
  •  1997 –1998 : MSc Applied Environmental Geology, Cardiff University
  •  1996 –1997 : Assistant instructor, Kilvrough Manor outdoor education centre
  •  1993 –1995 : BSc Geology and Geography, Birmingham University

Current projects and collaboration

  • Groundwater Ecology in collaboration with Roehampton University, CEH, and Hull University
  • Estimating carbon dioxide evasion rates from streams using tracer testing
  • Researcher on DFID funded project on groundwater resilience to climate change in Africa and Asia in collaboration with ODI and UCL
  • Development and application of Groundwater tracers
  • Investigating palaeoclimate using speleothems, in collaboration with Oxford University

Research interests

  • Karst hydrogeology
  • Tracer testing (borehole and catchment scale) using artificial tracers (fluorescent dyes, bacteriophages, DNA, and fluorescent microspheres)
  • Groundwater ecology
  • permeability and fracture distributions

Commissioned reports

  •  2012 : Maurice, L., Palumbo-Roe, B., Williams, A.T., Banks, V., Lapworth D. 2012. Tracer test feasibility assessment: Frongoch Mine Tailings Lagoon. OR/12/035, 15 pp.
  •  2008 : Maurice, L., Barron, A.J.M., Lewis, M.A., and Robins, N.S. 2008.  The geology and hydrogeology of the Jurassic limestones in the Stroud-Cirencester area with particular reference to the position of the groundwater divide.  British Geological Survey commissioned report CR/08/146.  114pp.

Published outputs

Key papers

Sorensen, J.P.R., Maurice, L., Edwards, F.K., Lapworth, D.J., Read, D.S., Allen, D., Butcher, A.S., Newbold, L.K., Townsend, B.R., and Williams, P.J., 2013. Using boreholes as windows into groundwater ecosystems. Plos One, 8 (7), e70264.

Taylor, Richard G.; Todd, Martin C.; Kongola, Lister; Maurice, Louise; Nahozya, Emmanuel; Sanga, Hosea; MacDonald, Alan M.. 2013 Evidence of the dependence of groundwater resources on extreme rainfall in East Africa. Nature Climate Change, 3. 374-378. 10.1038/nclimate1731

Maurice, L.D., Atkinson, T.C., Barker, Williams, A.T., and Gallagher, A. 2012. The nature and distribution of flowing features in a porous limestone aquifer with small-scale karstification. Journal of Hydrology. 438-439, 3-15. 

Maurice, L. and Bloomfield, J. 2012. Stygobitic invertebrates in groundwater – a review of current knowledge from a hydrogeological perspective. Freshwater Reviews. 5 (1), 51-71.

MacDonald, A.M., Maurice, L., Dobbs, M.R., Reeves, H.J., Auton, C.A., 2012. Relating in situ hydraulic conductivity, particle size and relative density of superficial deposits in a heterogeneous catchment. Journal of Hydrology. 434-435, 130-141

Maurice, L., Barker, J.A., Atkinson, T.C., Williams, A.T., and Smart, P.L. 2011. A tracer methodology for identifying flow in and across boreholes. Ground Water. 49 (2), 227-238.

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Stuart, M.E., Maurice, L., Heaton T.H.E., Sapiano, M., Gooddy, D.C., and Chilton, P.J. 2010.  Groundwater residence time and movement in the Maltese islands A geochemical approach.  Applied Geochemistry .25 (5) 609-620. 

Maurice, L.D., Atkinson, T.C., Barker, J.A., Bloomfield, J.P., Farrant, A.R., and Williams, A.T. 2006. Karstic behaviour of groundwater in the English Chalk. Journal of Hydrology. 330(1-2) 63-70.