Charles Duncan Beard

Mr Charles Duncan Beard

Postdoctoral Researcher

Location: BGS Edinburgh

E-mail Charles Duncan Beard

ORCID: 0000000162216868


  • 2018 – ongoing : Postdoc, HiTech AlkCarb, British Geological Survey (Goodenough)
  • 2013 –2018 : PhD McGill University (van Hinsberg, Stix)
  • 2010 –2012 : Undergraduate exchange and masters research, University of British Columbia and Geological Survey of Canada (Weis, Bédard, Scoates)
  • 2008 –2012 : MSci University of Bristol, Geology

Current projects and collaboration

  • HiTech AlkCarb project to develop new geomodels for critical metal exploration in carbonatites and alkaline rocks
  • Mineral-melt element partitioning in alkaline magmatic systems FlexPet group


  • Igneous petrology and geochemistry
  • High P-T experimental petrology: IHPV
  • Microanalysis: LA-ICP-MS, EPMA
  • Statistics: MATLAB, NCSS
  • Radiogenic isotopes
  • Field mapping

Key papers

  • Beard, C., Scoates., J., Weis, D., Bédard., J, Dell'Oro, T. (2018). Geochemistry and origin of the Neoproterozoic Natkusiak Flood Basalts and related Franklin Sills, Victoria Island, Arctic Canada. Journal of Petrology doi:10.1093/petrology/egy004
  • Bédard, J.H., Hayes, B., Hryciuk, M., Beard, C., Williamson, N., Dell'Oro, T.A., Rainbird, R.H. Prince, J., Baragar, W.R.A., Nabelek, P.I., Weis, D., Wing, B., Scoates, J., Naslund, H.R., Cousens, B., Williamson, M-C., Hulbert, L.J., Montjoie, R., Girard, É., Ernst, R., Lissenberg, C.J. (2016). Geochemical database of Franklin sills, Natkusiak Basalts and Shaler Supergroup rocks, Victoria Island, Northwest Territories, and correlatives from Nunavut and the mainland. Geological Survey of Canada Open File 8009, 11p, doi:10.4095/297842
  • Hayes, B., Lissenberg, C. J., Bédard, J. H., & Beard, C. (2015). The Geochemical Effects of Olivine Slurry Replenishment and Dolostone Assimilation in the Plumbing System of the Franklin Large Igneous Province, Victoria Island, Arctic Canada. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 169:22
  • Bédard, J.H., Rainbird, R.H., Beard, C. (2015). Geology, Qulliq, Victoria Island, Northwest Territories; Geological Survey of Canada, Canadian Geoscience Map 189, 1:50,000 scale, NTS 87/G01, 1 sheet, doi: 10.4095/297278

Published outputs

Research interests

  • Geochemical evolution of the mantle and crust
  • Mineral resources and sustainable development
  • The architecture of magmatic plumbing systems
  • Metal enrichment processes in igneous systems
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