Miss Ceri Vincent

Miss Ceri Vincent

Hydrocarbons Geoscientist

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3318

E-mail Miss Ceri Vincent


  •  1996 –2000 : University of Leeds, MSci Geophysics

Research interests

  • Energy science
  •  2000 –2012 : Geological storage of CO2
  • Geological storage potential in the UK, China and South Africa

Key papers

Vincent, C J, Rowley W J, and Monaghan, A A. 2010. Thermal and burial history modelling in the Midlothian-Leven Syncline in the Midland Valley of Scotland using BasinMod and HotPot. Scottish Journal of Geology, volume 46 (2), pages 125-142

Vincent, C J, Zeng, R, Chen, W, Ding, G, Li, M, Dai, S, and Poulsen, N E. 2011. A geological storage option for CO2 in the Bohaiwan Basin, East China? Energy Procedia, Volume 4, 2011, pages 4641-4647

Zeng, R, Vincent, C J, Tian, X, Stephenson, M, Wang, S and Xu, W. [in press] New potential carbon emission reduction enterprises in China: Deep geological storage of CO2 emitted through industrial usage of coal in China. Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology