Dr Pauline Smedley

Dr Pauline Smedley

Principal Hydrogeochemist

Location: Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3493

E-mail Dr Pauline Smedley


  •  2014 – ongoing : Team Leader: Groundwater Protection
  •  2009 – ongoing : BGS, Keyworth: Hydrogeochemist
  • –2009 : BGS, Wallingford: Hydrogeochemist
  • Postdoctoral researcher, Isotope geochemistry, ZWO Lab (Vrije Universiteit), Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • PhD, Geochemistry, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • BSc Hons, Environ Sci. (Geol Sci.), University of East Anglia, UK

Research interests

  • Potential environmental impacts of shale-gas development in the UK
  • Processes controlling mobilisation and transport of trace elements of health concern in groundwaters (arsenic, fluoride, molybdenum, uranium, nickel)
  • The baseline chemistry of groundwaters
  • Water quality and impacts in developing countries
  • Inorganic chemistry of bottled water
  • Corrosion and encrustation in groundwater installations and aquifers

Current projects and collaboration

  • Groundwater chemistry monitoring in relation to shale gas development (Lancashire and Yorkshire)
  • Baseline chemistry of groundwater in aquifers in England & Wales; assessments in relation to chemical change
  • Fluoride in groundwater in the Ethiopian Rift Valley, (with MetaMeta and Addis Ababa University)
  • Hydrogeochemistry of trace elements in British groundwater (arsenic, uranium, molybdenum; chemistry of bottled mineral water)
  • Baseline hydrogeochemistry of groundwater in Scotland
  • Streamwater investigations in the Clyde catchment, Scotland, under the G-BASE project

Published outputs

Key papers

Smedley, P.L., Cooper, D.M., Ander, E.L., Milne, C.J. and Lapworth, D.J. 2014. Occurrence of molybdenum in British surface water and groundwater: distributions, controls and implications for water supply. Applied Geochemistry, 40, 144-154.

Edmunds, W. M. and Smedley, P.L. 2013. Chapter 12: Fluoride in natural waters. In: Essentials of Medical Geology, Second Edition. Eds: Selinus, O., Alloway, B., Centeno, J.A., Finkelman, R.B., Fuge, R., Lindh, U. and Smedley, P.L. Springer, 311-336.

Smedley, P. L. 2010. A survey of the inorganic chemistry of bottled mineral waters from the British Isles. Applied Geochemistry, 25, 1872-1888.

Reddy, D.V.; Nagabhushanam, P.; Sukhija, B.S.; Reddy, A.G.S.; Smedley, P.L. 2010. Fluoride dynamics in the granitic aquifer of the Wailapally watershed, Nalgonda District, India. Chemical Geology, 269, 278-289.

Smedley, P.L., Knudsen, J. and Maiga, D. 2007. Arsenic in groundwater from mineralised Proterozoic basement rocks of Burkina Faso. Applied Geochemistry, 22, 1074-1092.

Smedley, P.L., Kinniburgh, D.G., Macdonald, D.M.J., Nicolli, H.B., Barros, A.J., Tullio, J.O., Pearce, J.M. and Alonso, M.S. 2005. Arsenic associations in sediments from the loess aquifer of La Pampa, Argentina. Applied Geochemistry, 20, 989-1016.

Smedley, P. L., Zhang, M., Zhang, G. and Luo, Z. 2003. Mobilisation of arsenic and other trace elements in fluviolacustrine aquifers of the Huhhot Basin, Inner Mongolia. Applied Geochemistry, 18, 1453-1477.

Smedley, P. L. and Kinniburgh, D. G. 2002. A review of the source, behaviour and distribution of arsenic in natural waters. Applied Geochemistry, 17, 517-568.

Smedley, P. L., Nicolli, H. B., Macdonald, D. M. J., Barros, A. J. and Tullio, J. O. 2002. Hydrogeochemistry of arsenic and other inorganic constituents in groundwaters from La Pampa, Argentina. Applied Geochemistry, 17, 259-284.

BGS and DPHE. 2001. Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater in Bangladesh. Eds: Kinniburgh, D G and Smedley, P L. British Geological Survey Technical Report, WC/00/19. Four Volumes. British Geological Survey.

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