Natural Hazards Partnership

Eyjafjallajökull volcano

What is the Natural Hazards Partnership?

The Natural Hazards Partnership (NHP) brings together expertise from across the UK's leading public sector agencies with the aim of drawing upon scientific advice in the preparation, response and review of natural hazards.

The Partnership provides a collaborative environment to enable more coordinated and coherent advice for the government and the resilience community. One of the key stakeholders is the Cabinet Office Natural Hazards Team within the Civil Contingencies Secretariat.

Daily hazard summary assessment

Amongst its activities, the NHP publishes a daily hazard summary assessment, which is issued to stakeholders and currently covers the following hazards:

  • flooding
  • geological hazards; such as landslides
  • space weather
  • volcanic ash
  • weather
  • wildfires

The daily hazard summary assessment service is aimed at informing agencies in their roles in hazard preparedness.

Hazard Impact Model (HIM)

The NHP also contributes towards the Hazard Impact Model (HIM), which combines data and expertise from partners to identify areas and assets which are most vulnerable to a particular hazard.

This is currently in a research phase but it is hoped that this will help to prioritise where to deploy 'responder' services, as well as identifying when and where to issue hazard alert warnings.

Reviewing the National Risk Assessment (NRA)

The NHP is contributing to the National Risk Assessment (NRA) process by providing recommendations on:

  1. scientific overview for natural hazards and advising on any new risks that may need inclusion
  2. supplementing current advice on scenarios for existing risks
  3. identifying NRA risks that could be linked and could occur concurrently
  4. developing pre-prepared scientific advice, which could provide background information ahead of an emergency

Geohazard notes

Geohazard note: coastal

In response to the work of the Natural Hazards Partnership, the BGS has prepared a number of Geohazard notes to provide relevant summary information for some of the geohazards that could affect the UK.

The Geohazard notes provide information on how and why the hazard occurs, how it is measured, locations susceptible to the hazard and possible worst case scenarios.

The notes also give details on how the BGS and collaborating organisations respond to such hazards.

NHP partners and collaborators

The Natural Hazards Partnership (NHP) consists of the following organisations:

In addition, the following stakeholders are members of the NHP Steering Group:


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