Sumatra Regional Geochemical Survey CD-ROM Version 3.0: September 2007

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The British Geological Survey has been involved in Technical Co-operation projects in Sumatra with the Indonesian Ministry of Mines and Energy since 1975. This work has been supported with funding from the UK Department for International Development (DFID) (formerly Overseas Development Administration (ODA)). The objectives of this work have been to assist Indonesia in its development by contributing to the regional geological, geochemical and geophysical mapping of Sumatra. The work was principally aimed at encouraging mining company activity to develop mineral resources in Sumatra. A major component of the co-operation was the training of Indonesian counterparts and encouraging institution-building processes.

There have been three major projects involving teams of resident BGS geoscientists based in the Geological Directorates in Bandung:

North Sumatra Project (NSP) 1975 - 1980

This project made regional geological maps and geochemical maps(based on stream sediments) at 1:250,000 scale for Sumatra north of the Equator. Each 1:250k geological map is accompanied by a report and these are available for purchase from the GRDC library (at Jalan Diponegoro 57, Bandung). The 1:250k quadrangle single element classified symbol geochemical maps are available (as an incomplete series) from the DMR library in Jalan Soekarno-Hatta 444. Most field maps and reports, sample powders, etc. are available in DMR by contacting the Head of the Geochemical and Minerals Information Sub-directorate in Bandung.

Northern Sumatra Geochemical and Mineral Exploration Project (NSGMEP) 1984 - 1988

The data generated by the North Sumatra Project was used as a basis for mineral exploration follow-up work in Sumatra north of the equator. A major objective in the work was the training of counterparts in methods of metalliferous mineral exploration and geochemical, geological and geochemical techniques were used. All mineral targets investigated are described in the NSGMEP report series which is available for inspection and copying at DMR Bandung (Geochemistry and Minerals Information Sub-directorate, Exploration Geochemistry Section retain the original maps and reports).

Southern Sumatra Geological and Mineral Exploration Project (SSGMEP) 1988 - 1994

This project was concerned with regional geological, geochemical and geophysical mapping of Sumatra south of the equator. This work commenced in the early 80's and was helped to a successful conclusion with assistance from a team of BGS geoscientists. The geological work saw the completion of the 1:250,000 scale geological maps and reports. The regional geochemistry completed the regional geochemical mapping of Sumatra by stream sediment survey and the geophyscists compiled 1:250,000 Bouguer anomaly maps for some southern Sumatra quadrangles. Products are available for purchase as described for the North Sumatra Project, the geophysics maps also being available from GRDC.

The project's geochemical, mineral occurrence and bibliographic databases were made available on the Sumatra CD-ROM database (versions 1.0 - 1.5). This CD-ROM is essentially an update of the geochemical databases that have been formatted to a consistent standard for both north and south of the equator. Grid references from the numerous UTM zones have been converted to longitude and latitude and a single database for the whole island of Sumatra is now available on this CD-ROM. This file is SUM98.XLS and can be found in the GEOCHEM directory. A coastline of Sumatra and the geochemical database are also included in MapInfo format.

Available digital text files from the SSGMEP are also included in the Reports directory. These were generally created in WordStar format and most have been converted to Word v 6.0 format. Report figures and maps not produced digitally are not included and should be obtained from the DMR office in Bandung.

The two most relevant references to the geochemical surveys in Sumatra are the atlases produced for north and south of the Equator are:

Stephenson B, Ghazali S A and Hariwidjaja (1982). Geochemical Atlas of Northern Sumatra. Regional Geochemical Atlas Series of Indonesia No. 1. Directorate of Mineral Resources, Bandung, Indonesia and British Geological Survey, Keyworth, United Kingdom.

Machali Muchsin, A, Johnson, C C, Crow, M J, Djumsari, A and Sumartono. 1997. Geochemical Atlas of Southern Sumatra. Regional Geochemical Atlas Series of Indonesia No. 2. Directorate of Mineral Resources, Bandung, Indonesia and British Geological Survey, Keyworth, United Kingdom.