Prof David Tappin

Prof David Tappin

Marine Geologist

Location: BGS Keyworth

Tel: 0115 936 3449

E-mail Prof David Tappin

ORCID: 0000-0003-3186-8403

Published outputs


  • 1988 – ongoing : Marine Geologist
  • 1983 –1988 : Chief Geologist, Tonga
  • 1973 –1983 : Marine Geologist, BGS

Current projects and collaboration

  • 2017 –2019 : European Project EMODnet - Team Leader Submerged Landscapes
  • 2016 – ongoing : Researching UK tsunami hazard from submarine and subaerial landslides and meteotsunami
  • Researching the impact of climate change on submarine slope stability in the North Atlantic
  • Researching eruption-generated tsunamis including the LBA Minoan tsunami of 3500BP and Krakatau, 1883

Professional association

  • Fellow, Geological Society of London
  • Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Member, American Geophysical Union

Research interests

  • Tsunamis from earthquakes, submarine landslides, volcanic collapse and meteorological effects
  • Geohazards and climate change
  • Coastal geohazards
  • Convergent margin processes
  • Quaternary geology of the Southern North Sea


  • Generation and impacts of tsunamis
  • Seismic interpretation
  • Management of large multidisciplinary science projects
  • Marine mapping
  • Sedimentology
  • Teaching coastal and marine geohazards

Key papers

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TAPPIN, D. R., EVANS, H., JORDAN, C. J., RICHMOND B.W. 2012. Coastal changes from the impact of the 2011 Tōhoku-oki tsunami in the Sendai area: interpretations of time series satellite images and videos. Sed. Geol. 282. 151-174.

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