Bowland Shale gas

The British Geological Survey (BGS) in association with the OGA has completed an estimate for the resource (gas-in-place) of shale gas in part of central Britain in an area between Wrexham and Blackpool in the west, and Nottingham and Scarborough in the east. The estimate is in the form of a range to reflect geological uncertainty. The lower limit of the range is 822 tcf* and the upper limit is 2281 tcf, but the central estimate for the resource is 1329 tcf.

This shale gas estimate is a resource figure (gas-in-place) and so represents the gas that we think is present, but not the gas that might be possible to extract. The proportion of gas that it may be possible to extract is unknown as it depends on the economic, geological and social factors that will prevail at each operation.

Shale gas clearly has potential in Britain but it will require geological and engineering expertise, investment and protection of the environment. It will also need organisations like the BGS to play their part in providing up-to-date and accurate information on resources and the environment to the public, industry and Government.

BGS/OGA Bowland Shale gas study

Download the BGS/OGA Bowland Shale gas study: geology and resource estimation.

BGS research

What data did the BGS/OGA use to produce the resource study of shale gas in part of central Britain?

For more detailed information download the BGS/OGA Bowland Shale gas study: geology and resource estimation.

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