Gareth Williams

Dr Gareth Williams

BGS Cardiff

Gareth Williams’s Biography

  • 1998 –2002 : University of Birmingham, PhD Geophysics
  •  1998 –1999 : University of Durham, MSc Engineering Geology
  •  1994 –1998 : University of Durham, BSc Natural Sciences

Research interests

  • 2004 – ongoing : Sub-surface geological storage of Carbon Dioxide; seismic processing and modelling; reservoir modelling

Key papers

  • CHADWICK, R.A., WILLIAMS, G.A., WILLIAMS, J.D.O. & D. J. Noy. 2012. Measuring pressure performance of a large saline aquifer during industrial-scale CO2 injection: The Utsira Sand, Norweigian North Sea. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 10, 374-388
  • CHADWICK, ANDY; CLOCHARD, VINCENT; DELEPINE, NICOLAS; LABAT, KARINE; STURTON, SUSAN; BUDDENSIEK, MAIKE L.; DILLEN, MENNO; NICKEL, MICHAEL; LIMA, ANNE LOUISE; WILLIAMS, GARETH; NEELE, FILIP; ARTS, ROB; ROSSI, GIULIANA. 2010. Quantitative analysis of time-lapse seismic monitoring at the Sleipner CO2 storage operation. The Leading Edge, 29 (2). 170-177. 10.1190/1.3304820
  • HILLIS, R.R., HOLFORD, S.P., GREEN, P.F., DORE, A.G., GATLIFF, R.W., STOKER, M.S., THOMSON, K., TURNER, J.P., UNDERHILL, J.R. & WILLIAMS, G.A. 2008. Cenozoic Exhumation of the southern British Isles. Geology, 36, 371-374.
  • HOLFORD, S.P., GREEN, P.F., TURNER, J.P., WILLIAMS, G.A., HILLIS, R.R., TAPPIN, D.R. & DUDDY, I.R. 2008. Evidence for km-scale Neogene exhumation driven by compressional deformation in the Irish sea basin system. In: JOHNSON, H., DORE, A.G., GATLIFF, R.W., HOLDSWORTH, R., LUNDIN, E. & RITCHIE, J.D. (eds). The Nature and Origin of Compression in Passive Margins. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 306, 91-119.
  • WILLIAMS, G.A., TURNER, J.P. & HOLFORD, S.P. 2005. Inversion of the St. George’s Channel basin, offshore Wales, UK. Journal of the Geological Society of London, 162, 97-111. [1.90].
  • TURNER, J.P. & WILLIAMS, G.A. 2004. Sedimentary basin inversion and intra-plate shortening. Earth Science Reviews, 65, 277-304.


  • 2004 – ongoing:Seismic data processing; numerical modelling; structural geology

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