Richard Shaw

Richard Shaw

Economic geologist
BGS Keyworth

Richard Shaw’s Biography

  • 2010 – ongoing : Economic Geologist, British Geological Survey
  • 2009 –2010 : MSc Camborne School of Mines, Mining Geology
  • 2002 –2009 : Analytical Geochemist, British Geological Survey
  • 1999 –2002 : BSc (Hons) University of Derby, Geology

Research interests

  • Critical metals
  • Metallogenesis of lithium pegmatites
  • Mineral resources and sustainable development
  • Criticality assessment

Current projects and collaborations

  • Lithium for Future Technology (LiFT) – a NERC-funded project, studying natural resources of lithium
  • Met4Tech – a project focused on the circular economy of critical metals in the United Kingdom



Published outputs

NERC Open Research Archive — Richard Shaw

Key papers

Shaw, R A, Goodenough, K M, Deady, E A, Nex, P, Ruzvidzo, B, Rushton, J C and Mounteney, I. 2021. The Magmatic–Hydrothermal Transition in Lithium Pegmatites: Petrographic and Geochemical Characteristics of Pegmatites from the Kamativi Area, ZimbabweThe Canadian Mineralogist. DOI:

Horn, S, Gunn, A G, Petavratzi, E, Shaw, R A, Eilu, P, Törmänen, T, Bjerkgård, T, Sandstad, J S, Jonsson, E, Kountourelis, S and Wall, F. 2021. Cobalt resources in Europe and the potential for new discoveriesOre Geology Reviews. DOI:

Deady, E A, Lacinska, A M, Goodenough, K M, Shaw, R A, and Roberts, N M W. 2019. Volcanic-derived placers as a potential resource of rare earth elements: the Aksu Diamas case study, Turkey. Minerals. DOI:

Honour, V C, Goodenough, K M, Shaw, R A, Gabudianu, I, and Hirtopanu, P. 2018. REE mineralisation within the Ditrău Alkaline Complex, Romania: Interplay of magmatic and hydrothermal processes. Lithos. DOI:

Gunn, A G, Dorbor, J K, Mankelow, J M, Lusty, P A J, Deady, E A, Shaw, R A and Goodenough, K M. 2018. A review of the mineral potential of LiberiaOre Geology Reviews. DOI:

Shaw, R A, Goodenough, K M, Roberts, N M R, Horstwood, M S A, Chenery, S R and Gunn, A G. 2016. Petrogenesis of rare-metal pegmatites in high-grade metamorphic terranes: A case study from the Lewisian Gneiss Complex of north-west Scotland, Precambrian Research. DOI:



  • Igneous petrology and geochemistry
  • Metallogenesis and ore deposits, particularly of the critical metals
  • Criticality assessment
  • Analysis of global mineral commodities
  • Geochemical sampling and analysis
  • Treasurer, Applied Mineralogy Group

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