Dr Samuel Roberson

Quaternary geologist
BGS Belfast

Samuel Roberson’s Biography

  • 2013 – ongoing : Quaternary geologist: British Geological Survey
  • 2009Geological modeler : Geological Survey of The Netherlands
  • 2006PhD : Aberystywth University – Glaciology
  • 2005MSc : University of Wales, Aberystwyth – Glaciology

Research interests

  • Glacial geology, geomorphology, particle-size analysis, geostatistical modelling


  • Roberson, S. 2019. Francis Synge (1923-1983), In Giants of the Irish Quaternary, Dalton, C. and McGlynn, G. (Eds). Irish Quaternary Association, Dublin, p.116.
  • Flood, R P, Barr, I D, Weltje, G J, Roberson, S, Russell, M I, Meneely, J, and Orford, J D. 2018. Provenance and depositional variability of the Thin Mud Facies in the lower Ganges-Brahmaputra delta, West Bengal Sundarbans, India. Marine Geology, 395, pp.198-218.
  • Flood, R, Orford, J, McKinley, J, and Roberson, S. 2015. Effective grain size distribution analysis for interpretation of tidal-deltaic facies: West Bengal Sundarbans, Sedimentary Geology.
  • Roberson, S. 2016. Sand and Gravel Resource Survey of NW Lough Neagh for Lough Neagh Sand Traders Limited, British Geological Survey Internal Reports, 16(81), British Geological Survey, Nottingham, UK.
  • Roberson, S, Barr, I, and Cooper, C. 2016. The Quaternary Glaciation of the Mourne Mountains: Field Guide Quaternary Research Association, UK.
  • Flood, R, Barr, I, Weltje, G J, Roberson, S, Russell, M, Meneely, J, and Orford, J. 2017. Late Holocene depositional variability and provenance in the lower Ganges-Brahmaputra delta. Sedimentary Geology, 155, pp.317-342.
  • McKinley, J M, Roberson, S, Cooper, M, and Tolosana-Delgado, R. 2014. Discriminant Analysis of Palaeogene Basalt Lavas, Northern Ireland, Using Soil Geochemistry, Mathematics of Planet Earth, 1, 103-106.
  • Roberson, S. 2008. Structural composition and sediment transfer in a composite cirque glacier: Glacier de St. Sorlin, France, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 33(13), 1931-1947.

Key papers

  • Merritt, J W, Roberson, S, and Cooper, M R. 2018. A critical review and re-investigation of the Pleistocene deposits between Cranfield Point and Kilkeel, Northern Ireland: Implications for regional sea-level models and glacial reconstructions of the northern Irish Sea basin. Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association, 129(5), pp.583-609.
  • Barr, I D, Roberson, S, Flood, R, and Dortch, J. 2017. Younger Dryas glaciers and climate in the Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland. Journal of Quaternary Science, 32, pp.104-115.
  • Hillier, J, Smith, M, and 26 others. 2014. Manual mapping of drumlins in synthetic landscapes to assess operator effectiveness, Journal of Maps.
  • Weltje, G J, and Roberson, S. 2011. Numerical methods for integrating particle-size frequency distributions, Computers and Geosciences 44, 156-157.
  • Roberson, S, and Hubbard, B. 2010. Application of borehole optical televiewing to investigating the 3-D structure of glaciers: implications for the formation of longitudinal debris ridges, midre Lovénbreen, Svalbard, Journal of Glaciology, 56(195), 143-156.
  • Hubbard B, Roberson, S, Samyn D, and Merton-Lyn, D. 2008. Digital optical televiewing of ice boreholes . Journal of Glaciology, 54(188), 823-830.
  • Roberson, S, and Weltje, G J. 2014. Inter instrument comparison of particle-size analysers, Sedimentology.


  • John Glen Prize, 2007
  • Aberystwth Dissertation Prize, 2006
  • Swinnerton Prize, Nottingham University, 2005

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