Tom Randles

Dr Thomas Randles

Senior Subsurface Geoscientist
BGS Edinburgh

Tom is a structural geologist and seismic interpreter with expertise in the geology and resources of the UK Continental Shelf. He contributes to research into the shared-use of the subsurface to support decarbonisation and the energy transition, focusing on geological storage and disposal, geothermal energy potential, and petroleum resources.

Thomas Randles’s Biography

  • 2023 – ongoing : Senior Subsurface Geoscientist, British Geological Survey
  • 2015 – 2023 : Petroleum and Basin Analyst, British Geological Survey
  •  2010 – 2014 : PhD Geology, Keele University
  •  2006 – 2010 : MGeosci (Hons) Geology with Physics, Keele University

Projects and collaboration

  • Geological mapping and 3D characterisation of the Chalk aquifer of the Yorkshire Wolds – Geological mapping and sub-surface characterisation of the Chalk Group, in collaboration with the Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water
  • Managing the Offshore Energy Transition (MOET) – This project aims to optimise the use of subsurface geological resources to meet the demands of the UK energy transition. This will include assessing the co-location and environmental sustainability of offshore wind, blue and green hydrogen, and carbon capture and storage technologies for selected test areas of the UK offshore
  • Geothermal potential of Carboniferous Limestones – An assessment of the deep geothermal resource potential for early Carboniferous limestones, Central and Southern England
  • Geological Analysis and Resource Assessment of selected Hydrocarbon systems (GARAH) – The GARAH project focused on providing a harmonized, scientifically based, geological analysis and assessment of the conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon resources for western Europe, helping member states to continue the transition to lower Carbon energy sources
  • Accelerating Low-Carbon Industrial Growth through Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (ACT2 ERANET ALIGN-CCUS) – The ALIGN-CCUS project, funded through the ERA-NET ACT programme, focused on delivering tools and guidelines to support the quick and cost-effective delivery of large-scale carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) technologies in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania and the UK

Key papers

  • Jones, D J, Randles, T A, Kearsey, T, Pharaoh, T C, and Newell, A. 2023. Deep geothermal resource assessment of Early Carboniferous limestones for central and southern Great Britain. Geothermics, 109. DOI: 10.1016/j.geothermics.2023.102649
  • Randles, T A, Kingdon, A, and Smedley, P L. 2023. Stratigraphic and structural interpretation of the released commercial “Bowland-12” 3D Seismic reflection survey data acquired in 2012, Lancashire UK. NERC EDS National Geoscience Data Centre 22 June 2023, DOI: 10.5285/27c06acf-cf4f-4a1e-aafc-274f152a1fe5
  • Pharaoh, T, Jones, D, Kearsey, T, Newell, A, Abesser, C, Randles, T A, Patton, A, and Kendall, R. 2021. Early Carboniferous limestones (ECL) of southern and central Britain: characterisation and preliminary assessment of deep geothermal prospectivity. Journal of the German Society for Geosciences (ZDGG) Special Publication, 172(3), p. 227-249. DOI: 10.1127/zdgg/2021/0282
  • Stewart, M, Nelskamp, S, Schovsbo, N, Randles, T A, Peeters, S, Mathlesen, A, Larsen, U, Lutz, R, Ladage, S, and Britze, P. 2021. Petroleum systems report and GIS maps. GARAH Deliverable 2.2, H2020 GeoERA Project
  • Nelskamp, S, Stewart, M, Buendia, R L, Ladage, S, Burnol, A, Lutz, R, Aochi, H, Larsen, U, Randles, T A, and Schovsbo, N. 2021. Catalogue of hazards, alternative uses and case studies. GARAH Deliverable 2.6, H2020 GeoERA Project
  • Greenhalgh, E, Randles, T A, Goldthorpe, W, and Akhurst, M. 2019. Suitability of infrastructure for re-use: UK case study. Deliverable D3.3.2 ACT ALIGN CCUS Project No 271501.


  • Morton, N, Dodd, T, Panciroli, E, Randles, T, and Smith, M. In press. Jurassic: Break-up of Pangea. In The Geology of Scotland (5th edition). Smith, M, and Strachan R (editors). (London: Geological Society of London)

Published outputs


  • Seismic interpretation
  • GIS and digital mapping
  • 3D geological modelling
  • Structural analysis and restoration
  • Fault kinematic analysis
  • Salt tectonics and halokinesis
  • Regional hydrocarbon prospectivity
  • Fellow of the Geological Society of London

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