Harvey Pickard

Dr Harvey Pickard

Stable isotope research assistant
BGS Keyworth

My current role as a Stable Isotope Research Assistant within the BGS Stable Isotope Facility involves the preparation and analysis of samples for environmental research. This involves supporting NERC National Environmental Isotope Facility projects using C and O stable isotope analysis of carbonates using high-vacuum gas preparation lines. Prior to working at the BGS, I conducted a PhD at Imperial College London where my research focussed on Zn and Cd stable isotope analysis of meteorites and igneous rocks to help better understand how Earth obtained its volatile element budget.

Harvey Pickard’s Biography

  • 2022 – ongoing : Stable Isotope Research Assistant, BGS
  • 2017 – 2022 : PhD, Imperial College London
  • 2013 – 2017 : MSci Geology, University of Bristol
  • Carbon and oxygen isotopes in carbonates and gas source mass spectrometry
  • Zinc and cadmium stable isotope analysis by MCICPMS
  • Anion exchange chromatography

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