Dr Maarten Krabbendam

Senior survey geologist
BGS Edinburgh

Maarten Krabbendam’s Biography

  •  2001 : Survey Geologist, British Geological Survey
  •  1998 – 2001 : Postdoctoral Fellow, Monash University, Australia
  •  1994 – 1997 : PhD, University of Oxford
  •  1991 – 1994 : Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Queen’s University, Belfast
  •  1983 – 1994 : BA and MSc Earth Sciences, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

Research interests

  • Glacial geomorphology and links to bedrock structure and ice flow mechanisms
  • Neoproterozoic sedimentary basins / Reconstructing basin architecture in polydeformed terranes
  • Thrust tectonics / Caledonian Orogen

Current projects and collaborations

  •  2015 – ongoing : Bedrock streamlining: where & how? with Nick Eyles (Toronto), Niko Putkinene (Geological Survey Finland) and Tom Bradwell (Stirling)
  •  2014 – ongoing : Glacial geomorphology Lewis/Harris collaboration with Adrian Hall (Stockholm) and Tom Bradwell (Stirling)
  •  2014 – ongoing : Map Editor Scotland
  •  2013 – ongoing : Crieff-Comrie / A9 Superficial Mapping
  •  2013 – ongoing : Detrital mineral dating of Sleat & Torridon sandstones; implications for the Grenville Foreland Basin. With Helen Bonsor (BGS), Matt Horstwood (NIGL) and Toby Rivers (Memorial, St. Johns)
  • SIGMA project: geological adviser for Digital Mapping and Geospatial Databases


  • KRABBENDAM, M., Eyles, N., Putkinen, N., Bradwell, T., Arbeleaz-Moreno, 2016. Streamlined hard beds formed by palaeo-ice streams: A review. Sedimentary Geology 338, 24-50.
  • KRABBENDAM, M. & BRADWELL, T. 2014. Quaternary evolution of glaciated gneiss terrains: pre-glacial weathering vs. glacial erosion. Quaternary Science Reviews, 95, 20-42.
  • KRABBENDAM, M., LESLIE, A. G. & GOODENOUGH, K. M. 2014. Structure and stratigraphy of the Morar Group in Knoydart, NW Highlands: implications for the history of the Moine Nappe and stratigraphic links between the Moine and Torridonian successions. Scottish Journal of Geology, 50, 125-142.
  • BONSOR, H., STRACHAN, R., PRAVE, A. & KRABBENDAM, M. 2012. Sedimentology of the early Neoproterozoic Morar Group in northern Scotland: implications for basin models and tectonic setting. Journal of the Geological Society of London, 169, 53-65.
  • KRABBENDAM, M. & RAINBIRD, R. 2012. Discussion: A unifying model for the Torridon Group (early Neoproterozoic), NW Scotland: Product of post-Grenvillian extensional collapse. Earth-Science Reviews, 111, 82-85.
  • KRABBENDAM, M. & BRADWELL, T. 2011. Lateral plucking as a mechanism for elongate erosional glacial bedforms: explaining megagrooves in Britain and Canada. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 36, 1335-1349.
  • KRABBENDAM, M. & GLASSER, N. 2011. Glacial erosion and bedrock properties in NW Scotland: Abrasion and plucking, hardness and joint spacing. Geomorphology, 130, 374-383.
  • KRABBENDAM, M., STRACHAN, R.A., LESLIE, A.G., GOODENOUGH, K.M. & BONSOR, H.C. 2011. The internal structure of the Moine Nappe Complex and the stratigraphy of the Morar Group in the Fannichs-Beinn Dearg area, NW Highlands. Scottish Journal of Geology, 47, 1-20.
  • KRABBENDAM, M. & LESLIE, A.G. 2010. Lateral variations and linkages in thrust geometry: the Traligill Transverse Zone, Assynt Culmination, Moine Thrust Belt, NW Scotland. In Law, R., Butler, R. W. H., Holdsworth, R. E., Krabbendam, M. & Strachan, R. A. (eds) Continental Tectonics and Mountain Building: The Legacy of Peach and Horne. Geological Society. London, Special Publication, 335, 333-356.
  • BRADWELL, T., STOKER, M. S. & KRABBENDAM, M. 2008. Megagrooves and streamlined bedrock in NW Scotland: the role of ice streams in landscape evolution. Geomorphology 97, 135-156
  • KRABBENDAM, M., PRAVE, A. P. & CHEER, D. 2008. A fluvial origin for the Neoproterozoic Morar Group, NW Scotland; implications for Torridon – Morar group correlation and the Grenville Orogen Foreland Basin. Journal of the Geological Society of London 165, 379-394
  • KRABBENDAM, M. & DEWEY, J. F. 1998. Exhumation of UHP rocks by transtension in the Western Gneiss Region, Scandinavian Caledonides. In R. E. Holdsworth, R. A. Strachan, and J. F. Dewey, (Eds.) Continental transpressional and transtensional tectonics. , Geological Society Special Publication,135, 159-181

Published outputs


  • Geological mapping of thrust terranes, basement terranes, glacial geology
  • Glacial geomorphology
  • ArcGIS and digital mapping
  • Metamorphic petrology
  • French & German speaker; Fluent in Dutch

Professional associations

  • Fellow of the Geological Society of Edinburgh

Boards and commitees

  • 2014 – ongoing : Editor and Secretary Editorial Board, Scottish Journal of Geology

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