Simon Kemp

Simon Kemp

Facility leader, mineralogy, petrology and biostratigraphy
BGS Keyworth

Simon Kemp’s Biography

  •  2009 – ongoing : Facility Leader: Mineralogy, Petrology & Biostratigraphy
  •  2005 – 2009 : Head of Mineralogy & Petrology Laboratories
  •  1986 – ongoing : Research mineralogist
  •  1985 : BSc (Hons) University of Southampton, Geology
  •  1985 – 1986 : Field geologist, Exploration Logging (North Sea) Ltd

Research interests

  • Clay minerals and their role in diagenesis, soils, low grade metamorphism, engineering properties, industrial minerals, climate and environmental issues

Current projects and collaborations

  • Collaboration with Ahmed Al-Dughairi’s PhD ‘Late Quaternary environmental changes in central Saudi Arabia’
  • Supervision of Sam Parry’s PhD ‘Turning rock into soil


  • TYE, A M, KEMP, S J AND POULTON, P R. in press. Changes in soil clay mineralogy in the Rothamsted Classical experiments in response to changing management practice and land use. Geoderma, 153, 136-146.
  • KEMP, S J AND MERRIMAN, R J. 2009. Polyphase low-grade metamorphism of the Ingleton Group, northern England, U.K. A case study of metamorphic inversion in a mudrock succession. Geological Magazine, Vol. 146, 237–251.
  • SCHOFIELD, D I, ASPDEN, J A, KEMP, S J, MERRIMAN, R J AND WILBY, P R. 2009. Basement controls on Acadian thrusting and fault reactivation along the southern margin of the Welsh Basin. Geological Journal, Vol. 44, 1–11.
  • RAWLINS, B G, KEMP, S J, HODGKINSON, E H, RIDING, J B, VANE, C H, POULTON, C. 2006. Potential and pitfalls in establishing the provenance of earth-related samples in forensic investigations. Journal of Forensic Science, Vol. 51, 832–845.
  • KEMP, S J, MERRIMAN, R J AND BOUCH, J E. 2005. Clay mineral reaction progress – The maturity and burial history of Lias Group of England and Wales. Clay Minerals, Vol. 40, 43–61.
  • KEMP, S J, ROCHELLE, C A AND MERRIMAN, R J. 2005. Back-reacted saponite in Jurassic mudstones and limestones intruded by a Tertiary sill, Isle of Skye. Clay Minerals, Vol. 40, 263–282.
  • HARRINGTON, G J, KEMP, S J AND KOCH, P L. 2004. Palaeocene-Eocene paratropical floral change in North America: responses to climate change and plant immigration. Journal of the Geological Society, Vol. 161, 173–184.

Published outputs


  • Clay mineralogy, X-ray diffraction analysis, thermal analysis
  • Laboratory and project management

Professional associations

  • Fellow of the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland
  • Secretary of the Clay Minerals Group

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