Andrew Gunn

Principal economic geologist
BGS Keyworth

Andrew Gunn’s Biography

  •  2012: Principal Economic Geologist
  •  2008 – 2012: BGS Team Leader Minerals Sustainability
  •  1978 – 2008: Economic Geologist/Principal Economic Geologist at BGS
  •  1975 – 1977: Exploration Geologist, Zambia
  •  1973 – 1974: MSc Geochemistry, University of Oxford
  •  1970 – 1973: BA Honours Geology, University of Oxford

Research interests

  • ongoing: Processes responsible for the formation of metallic mineral deposits (PGE, gold, base metals, critical metals).
  • ongoing: Development of new methods for mineral exploration
  • ongoing: Security of minerals supply to UK and EU. Criticality assessment for mineral raw materials

Current projects and collaborations

  • ongoing: Development of a minerals intelligence network for Europe (‘Minerals4EU’ project funded by the EC). BGS in collaboration with 30 European partners
  •  2011: BGS-Camborne School of Mines Critical Metals Alliance
  •  2011 – 2014: Editor of ‘Critical Metals Handbook’ published in 2014 by Wiley in conjunction with BGS and AGU
  •  2011 – 2013: NERC knowledge exchange project ‘ Critical minerals: science for a secure supply’
  •  2011 – 2015: Supervision of PhD research at Camborne School of Mines related to heavy rare-earth enrichment in carbonatites
  •  2010: Metallogenic studies related to the genesis of critical metal deposits, including rare earths, tantalum and niobium.


  • ongoing: Evaluation of mineral potential, at regional and local scales
  • ongoing: Acquisition and evaluation of geochemical data for use in mineral exploration
  • ongoing: Development and application of mineral deposit models for use in mineral exploration
  • ongoing: Exploration technology, and related geochemical methods
  • ongoing: Mineral resource evaluation

Professional associations

  • Member Association of Applied Geochemists
  • Member Mineral Deposits Studies Group of the Geological Society of London
  • Member Society of Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits
  • Member Society of Economic Geologists

Boards and commitees

  • 2009: UK representative on EC expert working group ‘Defining critical raw materials’
  • 2009: BGS representative on the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Mineral Resources
  • 2010: Geological Society of London Expert Group responsible for its Rare Earth Element Briefing Note
  • 2010: NATO Advisor on raw materials security of supply
  • 2011: NERC Expert Group on Minerals Security of Supply

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