Dee Flight

Dee Flight

BGS Geochemistry and Mineralogy skills leader
BGS Keyworth

Dee Flight’s biography

  •  2009 – 2012: BGS Skills Leader, Geochemistry and Mineralogy.
  •  2004 – 2009: Geochemist, BGS: G-BASE project leader and Geochemical Baselines Team Leader (2007-9)
  •  1999 – 2003: Minerals Geologist, GSNI, Belfast
  •  1989 – 1999: Applied Geochemist, BGS
  •  1988 – 1989: MSC, DIC Environmental Technology, Imperial College
  •  1988 – 1988: XRD Technician, Core Labs, UK.
  •  1984 – 1987: BSc (Hons)Geological Sciences, University of Aston.

Research interests

  • Baseline geochemical characteristics of economically important elements
  • Identification & investigation of large-scale surface geochemical characteristics and their application to understanding large-scale geological/environmental processes
  • Urban geochemical characteristics including: precious metals in urban soils, urban geochemical domains, soil geochemical indicators of anthropogenic activity/urbanisation.

Current projects and collaboration

  • EuroGeoSurveys – GEMAS – Geochemical mapping of agricultural soils in Europe
  • G-BASE London Earth – Geochemical Mapping of London’s soils

Key papers

Bone, J, Archer, M, Barraclough, D, Eggleton, P, Flight, D, Head, M, Jones, D, T, Scheib, C, and Voulvoulis, N. 2012. Public participation in soil surveys : lessons from a pilot study in England. Environmental Science and Technology, 46 (7). 3687-3696.

Johnson, C C, Flight, D M A, Ander, E L, Lister, T R, Breward, N, Fordyce, F M, and Nice, S E. 2008. The collection of drainage samples for environmental analyses from active stream channels. In: De Vivo, Benedetto; Belkin, Harvey E; Lima, Annamaria, (eds.) Environmental geochemistry: site characterization, data analysis and case histories. Oxford, UK, Elsevier, 59-92.

Flight, D M A, and Scheib A J. 2011. Soil geochemical baselines in the UK: The G-BASE project. In: Mapping the Chemical Environment of Urban Areas, Eds Johnson CC, Demetriades A, Locutura J, Ottesen R T. Wiley-Blackwell, pp 186-206.

Scheib, A, Flight, D, Birke, M, Tarvainen, T, and Locutura, J. 2012. The geochemistry of Niobium and its distribution and relative mobility in agricultural soils of Europe. Volume 12.


  • Baseline geochemistry:methods, applications, interpretations.
  • Management, staff development

Professional association

  • EuroGeoSurveys Geochemistry Expert Group
  • Member, Association Applied Geochemistry

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