John Bloomfield

Dr John Bloomfield

BGS Groundwater Sustainability team leader
BGS Wallingford

John Bloomfield’s Biography

  • 2020 – ongoing: Geoenvironmental pressures Topic Lead
  • 2008 – 2020: Team Leader of Groundwater Survey and Management
  • 1998 – 2000: Manager of the Aquifer Properties Laboratory, BGS Wallingford
  • 1993 – PhD, Imperial College London, Experimental Rock Deformation
  • 1991 – ongoing: Hydrogeologist, British Geological Survey
  • 1986 – MSc, Imperial College London, Structural Geology
  • 1985 – BSc (Hons) 1st class, Kingston Polytechnic, Geology

Research interests

Current projects and collaborations

PhD studentship supervision

  • Understanding hydrological drought. PhD external supervisor (University of Birmingham, CENTA DTP)
  • Multiscale prediction of groundwater response to extreme events. PhD external supervisor (Cranfield University, DREAM CDT)
  • Groundwater controls on modelled surface water flows (University of Bristol, GW4+ DTP)


NERC Open Research Archive — John Bloomfield

Selected key papers

Bloomfield J.P., Lewis M.A., Newell A.J. Loveless S.E., and Stuart M.E. 2020. Characterising variations in the salinity of deep groundwater systems. Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies 28, 100684
Bloomfield, J P, Marchant, B J, and McKenzie, A A. 2019. Changes in groundwater drought associated with anthropogenic warming. Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 23, 1393–1408, 2019
Marchant, B P, and Bloomfield, J P. 2018. Spatio-temporal modelling of the status of groundwater droughts. Journal of Hydrology, 564, 397-413
Loveless, S E, Bloomfield, J P, Hart, A, Ward, R S, and Davey, I. 2018. Characterising the separation of shale gas source rocks and aquifers across England and Wales. Hydrogeology Journal, 26, 1975-1987.
Hutchins, M G, Abesser, C, Prudhomme, C, Elliot, J A, Bloomfield, J P, Mansour, M M, and Hitt, O E. 2018. Combined impacts of future land-use and climate stressors on water resources and quality in groundwater and surface waterbodies of the upper Thames basin, UK. Science of the Total Environment, 631-632, 962-986
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Rust, R, Holman, I, Corstanje, R, Bloomfield, J P, and Cuthbert, M. 2017. A conceptual model for climatic teleconnection signal control on groundwater variability in the UK and Europe. Earth-Science Reviews,177, 164-174
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Jackson, C J, Wang, L, Pachoka, M, Mackay, J D, and Bloomfield, J P. 2016. Reconstruction of multi-decadal groundwater level time series. Hydrological Processes, 30(18), 3107-3120
Bloomfield, J P, Marchant, B P, Bricker, S H, and Morgan. 2015. Regional analysis of groundwater droughts using hydrograph classification. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 19, 4327-4344.
Jackson, C R, Bloomfield, J P, and Mackay, J D. 2015. Evidence for changes in historic and future groundwater levels in the UK. Progress in Physical Geography, 39(1), 49-67
Folland, C K, Hannaford, J, Bloomfield, J P, Kendon, M, Svensson, C, Marchant, B P, Prior, J, and Wallace, E. 2015. Multi-annual droughts in the English Lowlands: a review of their characteristics and climate drivers in the winter half year. Hydrology and Earth Systems Sciences, 19, 2353-2375
Watts, G, Battarbee, R, Bloomfield, J P, Crossman, J, Daccache, A, Durance, I, Elliot, J, Garner, G, Hannaford, J, Hannah, D M, Hess, T, Jackson, C R, Kay, A L, Kernan, M, Knox, J, Mackay, J, Monteith, D T, Ormerod, S, Rance, J, Stuart, M E, Wade, A J, Wade, S D, Weatherhead, K, Whitehead, P G, and Wilby, R L. 2015. Climate change and water in the UK – past changes and future prospects. Progress in Physical Geography, 39(1), 6-28
Bloomfield, J P, and Marchant, B P. 2013. Analysis of groundwater drought using a variant of the Standardised Precipitation Index. Hydrology and Earth Systems Science, 17, 4769-4787

Professional associations

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